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Old Comments:

2011-03-22 18:03:23
No problem, HappyJack! I just happened to notice the name info when I looked for additional background on the cool photo ... thanks much for the very nice response! : )
2011-03-22 15:44:09
Sorry pix4fun/pixdausfan, my error and you are correct, the photographer IS Ben, rather than Glenn, Birchall. Ben took a series of photos in the same location as the moon rose and they have been distributed several different ways.
2011-03-22 07:58:14
Note: I registered today as pixdausfan ... then changed my ID to "pix4fun" -- thanks again, I love the moon pix : )
2011-03-22 07:31:49
Cool photo -- thanks! However, the photographer is BEN Birchall rather than Glenn : )