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Posted By:escoba

Old Comments:

2008-04-11 23:13:31
infidel, you are so f*cking boring with your pathetic stupid comments about girls, so predictable, so meaningless! are you like, 13, or retarded? if so then you can be forgiven.
2008-04-11 19:30:17
that girl has really sexy legs
2008-04-11 17:31:03
I agree that it is daft Hank. I can't see any point in the shot at all. But please, try refraining from insulting others on the site. We are all human, aren't we?
2008-04-11 11:40:33
This is how you end up when your umbrella is hit by lightning!
2008-04-11 08:05:47
Kind of stupid. I mean, it's in focus and everything, but what fakey drams, and what contrived "sexiness". Of course, the knuckleheads that troll around here are going to vote it to the skies because of the short skirt. But really, it's a pretty dumb photo.