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Old Comments:

2008-05-28 13:41:11
Is that a ninja?
2008-04-10 00:40:19
LOL! What beautiful eyes! :D
2008-04-09 07:26:44
dude....after a second look, you may be right
2008-01-24 10:47:04
thats a man...
2008-01-23 21:10:40
people, no erotics please ;-)
2008-01-21 10:44:48
land prices now dictate how cool a city is? wow for that reason then, the vatican must be hapennin
2008-01-20 12:46:24
sweet ninja pic
2008-01-20 07:31:35
Mumbai rocks - best city in the world. Actually, downtown land prices are higher than Manhattan!