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2010-08-24 01:24:30
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2010-08-24 01:14:23
Are you from Turkey? Kurdistan ("Land of the Kurds"; old Curdistan; ancient Corduene) is a geo-cultural region wherein the Kurds form a prominent majority population, and Kurdish culture, language, and national identity have historically been based. The earliest official use of the toponym Kurdistan dates back to 12th century when Saljukid ruler Sanjar conquered the Kurdish territory and established a province of that name, centered at Bahar, near modern Hamadan. Contemporary use of Kurdistan refers to parts of eastern Turkey (Turkish Kurdistan), northern Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), northwestern Iran (Iranian Kurdistan) and northern Syria inhabited mainly by Kurds, Kurdistan roughly encompasses the northwestern Zagros and the eastern Taurus mountain ranges, and covering small portions of Azerbaijan and Armenia. WIKIPEDIA
2010-08-24 00:51:12
That is true, despite there having been a distinct Kurdish cultural area for at least a thousand years. Kurdish efforts to establish an autonomous and independent state have thus far been thwarted by their neighbors, and if the Turks and Iraqis had their way Kurdistan would simply be absorbed and its people assimilated or annihilated. One of the few valid justifications of the US-led overthrow of the regime of Saddam Hussein was his campaign of genocide against the Kurdish minority in northern Iraq.
2010-08-24 00:21:39
Just a reminder, there is no country as "Kurdistan".