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Posted By:trinity

Old Comments:

2008-03-21 05:24:23
Of course, this is not a gipsy dirl. They look completely different, and I must agree with what Tarquinius wrote.
2008-03-21 04:46:09
Are you a moron?! Have you ever seen a REAL Gypsy? That photoshopped girl look more like a Native American:/ Tacky, tacky bullshit.
2008-01-19 15:08:42
I call bullshit.
2008-01-18 18:52:31
Great photo, but the girl is definitely NOT gipsy. Especially whit this eyes. Gipsy's are brown, with black or grey eyes. And they never had this kind of elegancy.
2008-01-18 11:39:38
Yeah thnx 4 da site, but unfortunately coloured contacts look blatantly fake and tacky imho
2008-01-18 07:58:26
I think its an amazing photo, but to my eye nearly everything here is photoshopped, the face paint especially on the cheek under the eye doesnt follow the contours of the face and doesnt have any shadows or variation of color. The beads on the headress look digital as well as the large meta circle in the headress, its out of focus but the design on the jewel on it is perfectly in focus. The feathers have an overlaid pattern on them so and edge lighting which looks fake as well. I love the photo dont get me wrong, but just for anyone wondering... its pretty much all fake.
2008-01-18 07:38:55
My eyes are that exact same colour - not that unusual. People do notice them alot, and they have been called everything from outstanding to creepy.
2008-01-18 07:31:18
unfortunately this is definitely photoshopped. apart from that, gipsies don't look like that, especially in my city :/
2008-01-18 06:37:02
Are the eyes photoshopped? If not, they have to be the most beautiful ones I have ever seen