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Old Comments:

2011-02-08 19:36:11
Fabio, Tamanduah bandeira is the scientific/latin name for the species and NOT the Brazilian name. It may not even have a distinct Brazilian name. Giant Anteater is the common (or if you prefer vernacular) name in the English language.
2011-02-08 19:31:58
Yes it is normal size for the 'giant anteater'. Giant Anteater is the English common/vernacular name for this species of anteater. When I called it a 'giant anteater' it was not my intention to suggest that it was any larger than any other member of the species, I was merely giving the primary common name rather than the scientific (latin) name Tamanduah bandeira.
2011-02-08 04:12:39
Brazilian name is "tamanduah bandeira"; very likely a female, because the male is smaller
2011-02-08 04:04:41
Not giant; it is the normal size