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Old Comments:

2009-04-03 07:17:18
Connie: you're delusional. Get help.
2009-04-03 05:24:12
It may have been a bit misleading to describe her as a child..she's in her mid-twenties...but of course she'll always be my child...and she still likes cute kitties and puppies...but she's the kind of person who, if she finds a crippled bird in the street in the middle of the night will drive it to the animal rescue service and pay for its treatment..we're pretty proud of her.
2009-04-03 04:55:01
Not by me, connie! You are right: I've been observing here quite a time and now want to upload some stuff. Something is very irritating on this site: everytime something happened here, EVERYBODY thinks that it was done by one or two people! HELLO? This is the fucking internet with billions of anonymus users!! Perhaps you are right that some people use different names, but every time? Jesus Christ!
2009-04-03 04:47:39
Logan5 - You have posted 4 photos and made 8 comments. I get the impression that perhaps you are fairly new on the Pixdaus site, or you are using another name. But, you may have simply been observing for a long time. But, what I find interesting is that when poppy feels a little threatened, etc. new usernames pop out of the woodwork to support and cheer her on, and that happens on a regular basis.
2009-04-03 04:18:27
No. I said so, cohise...ehr, connie! (Stop this stupid "you are someone else"-game, connie! You are too smart for it!)
2009-04-03 04:16:30
Good point. The only way to find out is to continue with the comments... ;-)
2009-04-03 03:16:55
I wonder what happens when these comments get squeezed so far over the words are in single file. What happens after that?
2009-04-03 03:07:36
I guessed there was a reason for all those cute animal pics... good for you, Patito. Children can learn so much about us and life itself by studying nature and animals. What does she particularly like? I can take orders... ;-)
2009-04-03 01:50:16
If you say so Poppy oops Logan5
2009-04-02 22:31:01
As I said: just after a few hours, Artemis voted ALL of her pix back!! Try to downvote her lowest pix! It isn't possible!!
2009-04-02 21:07:49
Sorry, Ma'm... hate to disappoint anyone but Patito is a regular old butt-scratchin' cigar smokin' beer drinkin' football watchin' male ....I save those cute animal pictures because one of the few things my daughter and I enjoy doing together anymore is looking at photos of animals...she's a real sweet child, crazy about all kinds of animals ( she owns two dogs, several lizards, some beautiful little snakes, and Lord only knows how nmany cats ) and I love showin' her stuff that makes her go 'aawwww'... so I started that file back when Micro Rossi and other dipshits were posting stuff on the main page that would be embarrassing for us to see together...
2009-04-02 21:04:52
I prefer Waffles (Belgian) -cooked of course.
2009-04-02 18:16:41
Artemis is a damn cheater and selfvoter! Look at her lowest pics: the last two ones has only 1 vote right now. It doesn't take long (I bet only this day) and they both have again 8 votes (not more!) It is not possible to vote Artemis pix down! Try it!
2009-04-02 14:53:26
Skip, if I would have done the search under 'bird' it would have taken forever, but I'm sorry I did post it. Others have posted some of my uploads, but I know it's not done on purpose. Before I started posting on Pixdaus over a year ago, I looked at all the photos on Pixdaus. Then, after posting for a few months, I became aware that I was posting duplicates. I know that we don't see all the photos that are on Pixdaus, but I don't know why or care to know. I have just deleted 1000s of photos. Then, I reviewed what I have left over and checked to see if they would be reposts...a lot of time spent. I can't guarantee that none of them are; it depends on how people tag their posts. During this exercise I was very surprised to see a great many excellent photos that got next to no vote. It seems to happen to the same people over and over again. It seems very vindictive to me. In some cases some posters feel threatened, and others vote for the poster and not the photo. My posts get downvoted all the time, no matter how good the photographer is. Some of them have won national and international awards. I will definitely get downvoted more now after all this. But, I don't care about that. To get a lot of votes and get to the top has no value to me. I know there are a few that like what I post, and, if I can make someone chuckle or laugh a bit, that's much more important. I have no intention of persuing the issue with Poppy. Like I said, she has been dogging me for quite a while now with seemingly inoffensive remarks, but are in reality condescending and offensive. I ignored it until now, but I finally had it.
2009-04-02 13:59:37
It's under bird not duck, but you could find it in my file too, but its not worth the effort connie,I think everyone has done it, please just know we all like you here and, try and let this go, that's what I'm really trying to say.
2009-04-02 13:55:16
connie, if you read my first remark on here, I was not defending anyone, the reason I spoke to you first on it was you were the one who seemed more upset, but my message to both of you was please get over this, it's not worth it, we all like you both here, period. Then I went on to try and say that we all have misunderstandings on here because it's not the same as real life where you can see the other persons expressions, or here the tone of their voice, plus I tried to point out that we all find things annoying about each others opinions, but sometimes you take the good with the bad, here's a qoute I always liked... Life is too short to be taken seriously!
2009-04-02 13:49:44
Skip, are you saying that this photo of a blue heron and mandarin duck was previously posted by you? I searched under 'heron mandarin duck' and just 'heron duck' and nothing came up.
2009-04-02 13:43:05
What a childish retort! I never said that you can't have it. I said that two former Asian colleagues have never had peking duck with those Asian crepes. In other words, it's an option.
2009-04-02 13:36:23
Lilly, no matter what I say or what she says, you and skip will defend your friend poppy. I don't care if people repost photos in error or are too lazy to search for their own. The whole exercise is we take photos from one site and post it to this site. It does not require any effort or intelligence. What I have repeatedly said is that jchip8 has the nerve to post photos right after others have. In my case, his photo was right on top of mine. If this puts me in the toilet, so be it.
2009-04-02 13:25:03
Re-read the above comments and dare to accuse me of starting.
2009-04-02 12:36:50
poppy wasn't going out of her way about the perking duck.... it is a what she said... the dutch thing...meat pancakes.... don't think that's her cup of tea... but the insults you gave were very cranky... no one here for points===AGAIN...NO BIG PRIZE... So what= someone has a picture you had ... we've all got them from some where else... I vowed no more idiots after bouts last night... just settle = and be done with it. because i really like you both but the name calling will put you right in the toilet !
2009-04-02 12:25:33
I think patito is a woman,because of the favorites pic section .all cute dog & cat and fuzzy animals... but a bear if your an idiot ! which is excellent in my book ! can stand idiots !!!
2009-04-02 11:12:23
"You started the accusations and insults, not me." Connie, I have not insulted you once. Yet. - Chūn bǐng. Chūn bǐng. Chūn bǐng. That is the name of the pancakes, crêpes, or whatever else you want to call them. Have a good day, Connie. If you wish to exercise your fingers some more, you're welcome, but I'm outta this lunacy.
2009-04-02 10:52:41
Then tell me who "everyone else" is. You're very good at hiding behind the 'everyone', but don't give names. But, since you say everyone knows that artemis was cheating, I guess I must assume that means all posters, all voters, all commentators and all observers. You accused me of having "a tendency to doubt other people when they come up with something that you've never heard before". You also accuse me of trying "to discredit other people's statements". Those two remarks are condescending, arrogant, presumptive, and insulting. Yet, you have the nerve to wish that I would stick to the original subject! You chose to bring others in, not me. You started the accusations and insults, not me. You've been dogging me for a while; not I to you. Further more, I have not said that Chinese do not eat 'pancakes' with Peking Duck. I said that the two former Asian co-workers have never done so. Your source, Wikipedia, which you quoted word for word, is surpringly missing one word…OFTEN. Here is the correct quote: “The meat is often eaten with pancakes, spring onions and hoisin sauce or sweet noodle sauce”. You may have eaten it “ALWAYS” with peking duck, but it does not mean that the whole Asian world does. Your experience is in the States and Europe. I never said that Peking Duck is never eaten with 'pancakes'. I said that the two former Asian co-workers have never eaten it with 'pancakes'. They confirmed that some restaurants serve it with After seeing your photo of a Peking Duck meal I had quite a chuckle. Again, I called one of the former co-workers. Chinese do not refer to those as ‘pancakes’. They are not pancakes; they are a type of Asian crepes. They also said that it is not ALWAYS included with the dish, but you may request it. Pancakes and crepes are quite different. Being of French descent I grew up eating crepes a lot. Then in my 20s, I started to eat pancakes sometimes. Pancakes and crepes are quite different.
2009-04-02 10:47:41
To repost a picture that you has already been posted on the same day is very annoying but I don't think you can call it cheating for sure. I have had it happen to me, and I even complained to emilydawn about it, I don't think she ever forgave me for complainning about it either, however, I think you have to take into account that some people are paying no attention at all, to what has already been posted, one person who has been posting alot more lately has repeated numerous pics from my file and some very recent, so I have decided he is not very observant : ) even this picture we are speaking on now is one I posted you can find it in the birds section. My point in all this is that nothing is really for sure here, I have enjoyed your comments and humor on this site for quite awhile now, and was glad you were here, you made it alot more fun, at times I was very annoyed with remarks you made about americans that sounded condescending and rude to me,,just like you find poppy condescending at times, but I would not have ever told you this untill now, because I like you and did not want to offend you either, So I think it's possible to get along with people even if theres some things about them that bug you.I hope you do too.
2009-04-02 10:47:08
Chinese pancakes, Connie. Chūn bǐng. Look them up. You can have them even in Vancouver with you Peking duck.
2009-04-02 10:14:12
I don't believe that jchip8 cheated; I know he did. I will repeat the same story again: He posted the exact same photo I did approx 10 minutes after, while I was still on the site. Then within approx. 10 mnts it just shot up. Mine went to oblivion. That is not speculating; that is fact. It is something you can prove. He/she then did it again to others WHILE I WAS ON THE SITE, so I was able to observe his photo going up fast again. Poppy has been dogging me for quite a while, with condescending and offensive comments. I finally had it!!
2009-04-02 08:52:14
CONNIE: The votes that you NOW see in the files of artemis and poppy do NOT reflect the situation at the end of last summer, everyone else but you knows that. I just wish that you would not go off on a tangent but stick to the original subject: Chinese pancakes. :-D
2009-04-02 08:47:05
This is a computerworld, not the real world...I have found out since I've been posting here that there is no better way to be misunderstood, than through writing, we all can put our own emotions at the time into the remarks of someone else,, if we are having a bad day, lots of things may come across as offensive and vise versa. As for the cheating having been here so long I know there is downvoting, and sometimes peoples pictures climb very fast too fast it seems to the top,, but it's always speculation, since I'm never sure if people really do like a black and white picture of a bicycle that rose to the top the other day faster than you could blink! poppy believed artemis was cheating you believed jchip was cheating I had some ideas about someone who stopped posting here, but none of us can know anything for sure, I think cohise is a man you think he's a woman, patito likes his cornbread without sugar : )
2009-04-02 08:40:27
Artemis is also the daughter of Zeus, the goddess of chastity, all young creatures, the Moon, and the hunt.
2009-04-02 08:36:32
The above is one of my pics from last July. Read the comments. Then go to jchip8's file and find the same picture, and you'll see more comments from me. There were other similar examples, but I do not have the time to look for them. So take your "you have never ONCE gone after him/her" and shove it, dear. You already earlier accused me of the same thing, and I told you that I have confronted jchip8 before, but I guess you've forgotten that? - How do you get from pancakes to artemis and chip8? That's some leap.
2009-04-02 08:34:09
I thought Artemis was a dude. You know like Artemis Gordon from The Wild Wild West [1965] TV show. And jchip8 IS a sk8r chic [skateboard lady].
2009-04-02 08:31:07
Alright ! Listen Up, Dammit ! You can put sugar in cornbread and call it cornbread but it IS NOT is CORN CAKE !!! Did your grandma put sugar in cornbread ? HELL NO she didn't ! Did the Indians, who invented cornbread for cryin' in the damn beer, put sugar in their cornbread ? HELL NO they didn't ! Nobody but a bunch of lisping, sinpering, damn Yankee carpetbaggers and poltroons EVER puts sugar in their cornbread.
2009-04-02 08:13:47
Poppy accused Artemis of cheating, which is a nasty accusation, and her comments were venomous, and it lasted for quite a while. I did not have a 'war' with Cohise. The woman posted a 'Connie Fraud' picture out of the blue, with no provocation, and I responded. I now ignore her and do not read any of her comments. I did not give any names of who I thought were using various usernames. The only person I accused of cheating was jchip8 when he/she posted posted the same photo I had posted about 10 minutes earlier - while I was still on the site. He/she did it again to others. That is what poppy calls 'pure facts', anything else is conjecture.
2009-04-02 08:04:20
Your 'war' as you like to put it is an insult to people who have died in REAL wars, and their families. Get a proper perspective here. Lately, I have spent a great deal of time (more than I could afford) to delete 1000s of photos and to review what was left to ensure hopefully that I no longer uploaded what was previous posted. That meant looking a 1000s of photos. What I saw was you and jchip8 being at the top of almost all of the subjects I looked at (various animals, landscape etc). Some of the photos were good ones, some mediocre, some bad. Regardless, you more often than not got 100 (and a lot more). Artemis, who posts just as good or better, gets less votes. Yet, you continually accused her of cheating. Are you so afraid of loosing your position at the top? Facts? What pure facts? Who will not dispute that? What evidence do you have? jchip8 has often posted photos that others had just posted (including one of mine) and I watch his photos going up and up very yours. Yet, you have never ONCE gone after him/her. I have observed this for almost a year, and found it very odd.
2009-04-02 08:00:48
Why should the fights be the prerogative of men only, huh? We ladies should be allowed to get in the ring once in a while, too. ;-)
2009-04-02 07:57:43 argument over Chinese food ? Jeeze, if ya'll are going to start fussin' and cussin' like me and ol' Abe, at least do it over something worth fighting is really barbecue, or whether chilly is Mexican food or not..or is it possible to put sugar in cornbread and still call it cornbread..those, ladies, are pressing and crucial issues, fraught with significance for all mankind and for generations yet unborn...
2009-04-02 07:31:41
You both have strong personality's and a sense of humor, which has been a pleasure for those of us who enjoy the comments section, and want to read somthing more than good picture, Connie, poppy had a war with artemis at one time, because she believed there was cheating going on, You have had a war with cohise where both you and cohise accused others of things that may not have made sence to anyone else. I think I can speak for eveyone who enjoys you both and say, I hope you patch this up,,, it's not worth it!
2009-04-02 07:11:18
Attack artemis? What the hell are you talking about? My 'war' with artemis was last autumn! I have NOT 'attacked' him since. And there was no venom involved, either, just pure facts that no one disputed.
2009-04-02 07:03:54
The venom comes from you, and you started this with your 'bloody pancake' sarcastic and condescending remark. You've been dogging me for a while now, and I have finally had enough. When I finally respond you hide behind a smile ;-) and act so innocent. I find your comment "lighten up, sister" odd considering you attack people ie Artemis with pure venom.
2009-04-02 04:43:16
Goodness, all that venom over a bloody pancake. Lighten up, sister. ;-)
2009-04-02 03:30:19
First off, I'll say that I am from Vancouver, Canada. It has the BIGGEST asian population outside of Asia. Secondly, I am fully aware that it has to be ordered ahead; so, DO NOT make an assumption. Thirdly, the Chinese restaurants I eat in, on a regular basis, have approximately 80 to 90% Asian customers when I go there. Fourth, "I have a tendency to doubt other people"? YOU have dogged me for a long time, correcting my spelling, disagreeing with me etc. Fifth: "Use it before you try to discredit other people's statements"? I have NOT tried to discredit anyone, but YOU have...MANY TIMES. Sixth: You are often arrogant, condescending and insensitive in your comments to others. Fifth, you are often condescending, arrogant, and offensive.
2009-04-01 16:06:03
You just cannot walk into a Chinese restaurant and say: I'll have peking duck. It is a dish that has to be ordered 24 hrs beforehand. Your two Asian work colleagues know diddly squat about peking duck. I have eaten it numerous times in the top Chinese restaurants in Europe and USA and it has ALWAYS been served with chūn bǐng. Do some googling, why don't you; even wiki knows... Look up some recipes while you're at it. - You have a tendency to doubt other people when they come up with something that you've never heard of before. You're sitting at the Magic Box that can assist you with finding facts... use it before you try to discredit other people's statements.
2009-04-01 09:20:19
I've eaten in 'real' Chinese restaurants for over 40 years, but have never heard of Peking duck with pancakes. I had peking duck (not my taste)once, but there was no chun bing. Soooo, I called two former Asian work colleagues. They've never eaten peking duck with pancakes. The Dutch reference is because - another former colleague spent a month in the Netherlands and swore the Dutch ate everything with pannekoek ...a slight exageration, I'm sure ;-)
2009-03-31 13:41:18
...then you have never been to a real Chinese restaurant to have Peking duck. I am, of course, referring to Chinese pancakes: chūn bǐng. - Must be Dutch? I don't see the connection. ;-)
2009-03-31 13:09:29
OMG! I went for chinese food a week ago, and that's what happened ;-). Of course, it's a mandarin duck. I have never heard of eating peking duck with pancakes. You must be Dutch!
2009-03-31 06:39:19
I'll have the first one..and another Tsingtao, please !
2009-03-31 02:44:40
Peking duck is a dish where you'd eat the meat of a duck with pancakes, spring onions, and hoisin sauce. This is a Mandarin Duck. Alive. ;-)