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Posted By:jchip

Old Comments:

2008-04-06 19:32:28
it's really terrible. we germans started the worst war in history an killed so many people... but we should not forget that the bombing of dresden in 45 was the biggest attack with the most casualties ever. a lot more people died there in one day than in hirosima and nagasaki combined...
2008-04-06 02:34:24
Warsaw, completly destroyed by the germans in 1944 looked much worse. 250.000 poles died, the 800.000 that survived, was deported to concentration camps.
2008-04-05 22:21:04
Destruction like this was obvious to every German. Meanwhile, the German government hid from them as much as it could what it was doing at Auschwitz in Poland, at Oradour in France, and hundreds of similar places. There are still old ladies in Germany who remember all too well getting raped by Red Army soldiers but remember only vaguely, if at all, that the starvation their country imposed on the city of Leningrad caused the death of one-third of its population. And so, incredible as it may sound, many or even most Germans who remember those terrible years regard themselves and their country as victims of the destruction rather than its originators. What happened to them was somebody else's fault and what they did to others was also somebody else's fault.
2008-04-05 17:05:13
well go join him if you miss him so much. or you could wake the fuck up.
2008-04-05 02:04:58
It hurts to see your hometown tagged as "Germany", Cologne is a lot better than that crappy country surrounding it.
2008-04-05 01:38:17
i miss adolf
2008-04-05 00:53:22
It's was quite gutted after the devastating bombing, like many German cities. And Dresden was a holocaust, the only holocaust of WWII.
2008-04-05 00:43:29
home sweet home
2008-04-04 23:32:38
this is Cologne!