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Old Comments:

2008-05-16 10:47:16
Hey, I call 'em like I see 'em, Pal..the radio waves are full of those crack pots..Lush Rimjob being the number one example...he always reminds me of something my Grandpaw used to say.."If there's any bigger fool than the man who thinks he knows everything, it's the feller who takes his advice."
2008-05-16 05:32:29
right-wing, lunatic fringe, conspiracy theorist, nutjob??????? just becuase someone wont agree with you????? shame on you patito!!!
2008-05-16 05:28:12
BRAVO!! Jack, you rock brother!
2008-05-12 05:07:22
Just because we have a free press in this country does not mean every odd-ball and every crackpot with an opinion is entitled to a radio or television show...Good God, man..aren't there enough right-wing, lunatic fringe, conspiracy theorist, nutjob radio talkshow hosts out there for you already?
2008-05-12 04:37:24
Don't forget Alex Jones and Michael Savage. If we have no sensorship then how can you justify what they did to Randy Rhodes and Opie and Andy?
2008-05-09 20:50:20
hahaha! war-losers! nazi germany = most epic fail ever!! :D :D
2008-05-08 07:46:58
The thing about this country, Atlas, is that there's a vast array of media...the right has a voice..that's Limbaugh ( Lush Rimjob, we call him...most people realize he's an opinionated asshole) , Bill O'Really and that bunch..but there's also the New York Times, the Texas Observer, the Washington Post and the Huffington Post..there's John Stewart and Richard Colbert and Jim Hightower...there's the New Yorker and Mother Jones and a host of other sources of news and information...If you believe that the press is actually censored in this nation you have either been lied to or have listened to somebody who doesn't know what the hell they are talking about...this is not a perfect country...we have our problems and no one anywhere is more acutely aware of them than we are...and we're gonna fix our main big problem this November, I hope.....but the flow of information here is probably freer and of greater variety than in any other place on the planet...there are three hundred million of us here seem to think we're all a bunch of passive dopes who just believe what we're told by the network news...we're not...
2008-05-08 07:19:21
patito: your media is cencored. You only see what they want you to see and hear only what they want you to hear. If things were as great as you say why would you need Rush Limbaugh and Fox News constantly Spinning for your President.
2008-05-07 23:24:25
If you really think we're a "sad little failing nation" you oughta come over here, rent yourself a car, and head out across America..look at the land, talk to the people...see how vast and grand and majestic the countryside energetic and strong and resourceful and how fundamentally decent the people'd see a world you probably don't even know exists.too many of you folks over there believe too much of what you see on tv..
2008-05-07 21:31:29
America. Sad little failing nation.
2008-05-07 11:10:38
While the comparisons you have chosen are plainly oblivious in their differences, these military actions also offer some potentially disturbing parallels: At the time of attack, both Poland and Iraq were Sovereign nations, invaded under false pretense, because they supposedly posed a threat to their respective foes. Poland was invaded because Hitler *invented* a false threat that Poland was a danger because the Poles were planning to attack Germany. During the *manufactured crisis* Polish soldiers were alleged to have invaded German soil (it was actually German troops in Polish uniforms "invading" Germany); the diversion served to bolster the German economy as industry ramped up to supply war materiel, and it strategically placed German military forces into a region which increased German control of territory and raw materials believed to be needed for the further growth of the German economy. Compare that situation to this: Iraq was invaded because the Bush administration *invented* a false threat that Iraq was a danger to the US due to alleged Iraqi involvement with alqaeda, and because Saddam couldn't prove he hadn't actually been making weapons of mass destruction. During the *manufactured crisis* many times the world was shown devices that we were told could be used to make WMDs, but nothing found was ever proved to have made WMDs, and further, no actual WMDs were ever found; the diversion served to bolster the American economy as industry ramped up to supply war materiel, and it strategically placed US military forces into a region which increased US control of territory and raw materials believed to be needed for the further growth of the American economy. This might all be incomparable nonsense to people like you, but it makes people like me feel really uncomfortable about Bush's war...
2008-05-07 07:59:58
damn german lemmings -.-
2008-05-07 01:09:54
When the Nazi Germans invaded and occupied Poland, did they encourage the Poles to hold an election, as the Americans and allies did in Iraq? Did they discover the mass graves of a Polish dictator, as the invaders of Iraq discovered those of Saddam Hussein? Did they capture a Polish dictator and hand him over to the Poles for trial for mass murder, as the Americans and their allies did with Saddam Hussein? Had Poland attacked most of their neighbors, as Iraq had done? Or, on the other hand, did the Americans and their allies hand over half of Iraq to a Communist dictatorship, as the Germans did with Poland? Above all, did the Americans and allies establish death camps in Iraq with which to massacre millions, as the Germans did at Auschwitz and many other places? Comparisons between the two, like Slavson's, are utter nonsense.
2008-05-06 23:50:15
generalization will get you no where
2008-05-06 22:22:02
Have U seen how American soldiers behave in Iraq??They are bastards - just as they leaders...not all of them though...Regardless of that - It seems to me (according to my grandpa's stories) that German troops really enjoyed killing unarmed can fault them for that!!
2008-05-06 21:17:35
Proud soldiers and true warriors. You cannot fault them... it was their leader that was evil. Just like America's leader today.
2008-05-06 20:52:53
lol, gay parade
2008-05-06 19:35:48