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Old Comments:

2008-11-11 11:57:07
After doing that, the guy lost equilibrium and fell head first to his death.
2008-11-11 10:57:06
На But we fuked Germany in WW2
2008-07-16 15:52:40
@Embarrassed: ALL german soldiers were nazis and ALL russian soldiers were kind and gentle people...
2008-07-09 03:51:04
aaaawwwwww....does embrssd want a wittle gwass of milk and some cookies?
2008-07-08 09:32:12
This is repulsive picture! Times change and Russian people themselves are making fun of Lenin now, but this photograph of a fascist who have killed countless innocent civilians during this shameful invasion, making fun of whoever, is highly unappropriated picture to post!