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Old Comments:

2008-04-02 09:22:04
If the condom is covering something as big as the Reichstag, bob, then yes, that's art...
2008-04-02 01:06:53
I love his work. And he funds it entirely himself too.
2008-03-16 03:52:03
Christo, we are tired of your sheet !!!
2008-03-16 02:02:17
what a waste of resources
2008-03-16 00:20:38
2008-02-18 19:08:24
So when I put a condom on is that art too?
2008-02-18 13:57:43
he is not french, he is bulgarian
2008-02-17 12:15:40
Not the Reichstag!
2008-02-17 03:27:40
That's an example of Christo's typical wrapping stuff up art. He's been wrapping stuff up for decades. I guess it's more impressive than umbrellas and fences.
2008-02-17 03:03:44
What is the point of this?
2008-02-17 02:49:54
What is the point of this?
2008-02-17 01:01:00
This is not art, exterminators have been doing this for years...