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Old Comments:

2010-04-20 23:19:35
Thankyou, thankyou, Coy... :) I think that's what attracted me to this photo, apart from it being a picture of flowers, that it is also so clear, sharp and lifelike. And that pink is soooo beautiful... :)
2010-04-20 23:11:04
Great, great photo. So clear! Wonderful to look at.
2010-04-20 21:44:52
In English libellule said.... 'Always so beautiful! What a pleasure for the eye!'. Thankyou for that, libellule. That is very kind of you to say.. :)
2010-04-20 21:43:15
Thankyou so much, Poppy. I knew that you would like this particular picture. So glad that you do. The photographer took a very beautiful picture here. I have artificial gerberas in my vases. When I have real ones in vases, they don't do too well. That's an idea about the potted ones. I did have them, but they don't do that too well there as they get too much sun on my balcony. I'm so glad that they work for you, Poppy.... :)
2010-04-20 21:40:27
I don't think it could be Melbourne's water, Gabrielle. The only additive I know that is in our water, is fluoride. They say to put sugar in the vase, or flat lemonade, or even bleach and some florists give you a sachet of powder to put in the water that claims to give the flowers added life, but it's never worked for me. They also say to cut the stems on an angle and that helps for the water to go into the stem. But I also think that this might be be the reason why they wilt. I think this is a job for Google search.... :)
2010-04-20 19:49:12
Toujours aussi beaux ! Quel plaisir pour l'oeil !
2010-04-20 19:07:56
Gorgeous pic, PG! I love gerberas, and I always buy the potted ones, especially in springtime. After they have stopped blooming, l give them to a friend to plant in her garden, and soon they'll start pushing up new buds and bloom till autumn...
2010-04-20 17:30:06
Melbourne water? I find they last for days in just ordinary Sydney tap water.
2010-04-20 15:58:44
Yes, they are really beautiful flowers. But the ones I get never last that long in water. Could I be doing something wrong ? They droop a couple of days later...:(
2010-04-20 15:40:23
Gerberas seem to me to be be very happy flowers - they always look so cheerful and last well in water too. I really like them.
2010-04-20 10:50:07