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Posted By:JackSparrow

Old Comments:

2011-09-17 09:24:19
Well, I see that you finally gave this photo one of your +10 upvotes. But aren't you the one, jacksparrow, that once bragged about how you knew how to do this but that you never did it because it was to boring?
2011-09-15 22:16:56
This photo reminds me of small-town North America ;-)
2011-09-15 22:09:13
I'll bet none of you thought I could possibly make a bigger fool of myself than I already have, but you were wrong, weren't you ?
2011-09-15 09:26:50
Hello jacksparrow. I see you are back to up-loading photos in your more usual name again. I know, of course, that you have been with us all along but using secondary names such as eyeore, warlockguy, and possibly pinch of salt to upload photos. Why not just use your more customary name all along? Can't you upvote any one of them just as well as any other?