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2010-08-28 18:29:46
Connie, once again your comments show, what is to me, a lack of understanding. Yes, I know that it is possible to leave the reservations because I am one that did. I also know a great deal about education on the reservations because I am a teacher and at one time my father taught on the reservation. My mother was a half-breed on the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma. She met my father, 100% caucasian, while he taught for one year on the reservation. They were married, and I think her motive, was more on getting off the reservation than love, and soon after I was born. The marriage ended in divorce and my mother returned, with me, to live on the reservation with family. I was schooled on the reservation, but with the help of my father, who had become a professor at the U. of Arkansas, I was able to leave and go to college where I got a degree. I am now teaching chemistry at a private girl's college in Missouri. Chemistry isn't even taught in the reservation schools. Education, and particularly the poor education available on the reservations, is something that I am very familiar with. I have lived through it. You know a great number of people who have left the reservations and moved on to succeed. I know very few. Things may be a lot different in Canada, I cannot say about that.
2010-08-28 06:19:42
From what I read about Custer, he was an evil man.
2010-08-28 06:18:46
I did not lecture you about Indian Affairs in the US. I told you about Indian Affairs in Canada. However, I doubt there are great differences. Yes, it may be difficult for Native people to leave reservations; but it's not impossible...if they wish to take responsibility for themselves and have the will to improve their lives and families. Native issues have been a very big part of my career with the Canadian Federal Government. Through my career and my personal friendships, I know a great number of people who have left the reserves and moved on to succeed. I don't know about the US, but like I said above, the federal government has given billions of dollars to Native Reserves and Native Organizations to fund schools, build houses, etc. But, nobody knows where the money went.
2010-08-27 22:35:01
You have written a long discourse Connie and you may well be right about certain matters in Canada. However, you need to walk a mile in my moccasins before you lecture me about Indian affairs in the US. I have lived both on and off of Indian Reservations in Oklahoma and Arkansas and have close relatives that are still on them. It is very difficult for an Indian to leave the reservation and to make it in white society after the really poor education that he received. Schools in our country are supported primarily by real estate taxes and only secondarily by the states. Reservation schools simply don't have nearly enough revenue as a result and depend to a great deal on donations.
2010-08-27 21:21:45
If any sonofabitch ever had it coming it was George Armstrong Custer.
2010-08-27 18:54:01
Crazy Horse - you can't go back to the past...who owned what. If we did, the map of our world would not be recognizable. Throughout history, lands were conquered and taken. I'm surprise as a Native American that you say that the land we are living on is your land. That is never how your ancestors thought; they never thought they owned land; they saw themselves as being a part of the land. I am a Canadian with one of my Great Grandmothers from Minnesota being native. The worst thing that was done to the First Nations people in Canada and the United States was to put them on Native Reserves. That made the native people too dependent on the white man. As a former federal government employee, I dealt a lot with Native etc. Those who become successful are the ones that leave the reserves (in the States they are called reservations), and integrate with main stream. Nobody makes a native person stay on a reserve; and, I highly doubt that the US government forces native people to live on reservations. They stay there because they want to - there are benefits they don't want to do without, but in the long run they are bad benefits. I cannot speak for the US, but in Canada, as long as a person works on a reserve they pay no taxes whatsoever on their earnings. If they are 'status' but not even living on a reserve, they are excluded from paying many types of taxes. They can cross the US/Canadian border without paying any duty - no matter how much or what they are bringing (cars, appliances, etc); there are no limitations. We have to pay duty and we have limits. That is reverse discrimination. Young people going to college/university are pretty well guaranteed every year a summer job with the federal government; white students would be wasting their time trying to apply. That's reverse discrimination. The Canadian government has given billions of dollars to reserves and native organizations over the years. Nobody can account for the money! The houses on the reserves are shacks. If you did not work to get his house, you do not take the same pride of ownership. Those houses are left to deteriorate. In some cases they lack safe drinking water...sanitation.... However, you would quickly notice the beautiful homes on those reserves; they belong to the chief, his council and friends. But, the federal and provincial governments, including our media do not speak of that - it would not be politically correct. Once in a while a brave reporter will make a comment....then all hell breaks loose; accusations of racism are flung left and right. On some reserves you will see expensive cars parked by the shacks which have huge satellite dishes with huge plasma or LCD TVs with all the latest gadgets. We all have different priorities. Judges are under orders from Ottawa to pass a ‘different’ sentence on Native offenders. In many cases, they are returned to the native community where the Tribal Council determines the punishment – a rite performed in the sweat lodge. That’s reverse discrimination. There is an epidemic of diabetes on the reserves - even with children. They abandoned their traditional way of eating, and are now eating 'North American' junk food. Native people, whether status or not, are excluded from the federal Department of Fisheries & Oceans’ bans on fishing for salmon etc in certain down years. They sell the fish to the white man. White fishermen get arresting and fined heavily if caught fishing in the ban years. That's reverse discrimination. I’ll tell you something else that will probably really anger you. This is part of native history, and those stories were told to me and many others by native people. Before the white man came and conquered, whole tribes of Indians in Canada and the USA had already disappeared. They were wiped out in tribal wars. In wars, the conquerors slaughtered the men (scalped them or burned them alive…depending on which tribe was involved), took their women & made them their prostitutes, and they
2010-08-27 17:20:15
I doubt that Connie, but I do think that my reasons for uploading these photos is not being understood by the Pixdaus users. I am 1/4 Cherokee by my heritage and know a little about the history of the American Indians in my country. I have noticed all of the recent postings about the blacks in the US and their struggle with integration. They would like all to believe that their situation is unique, but it is not, as the American Indians suffered the same segregation as they did. True we were not subjected to slavery (in the US, we were in Mexico) but we were attacked in our villages by armed soldiers on horseback whose only intention was to kill all they encountered including women and children. The blacks were freed of the plantations over a century ago, but most of my fellow Indians remain on reservations. We do not have equal opportunities for education with either whites or blacks and, primarily because of this, lag far behind in jobs and income making opportunities. Remember, the land that you, blacks and whites, are living on IS our land.
2010-08-27 16:46:52
As soon as those 6 vintage photos were uploaded, I noticed they got downvoted right away. I gave them my up 3-votes...down they went right away...up they a seasaw. Sombody is stalking you Crazy Horse.