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Old Comments:

2008-08-18 13:15:33
The philosophical ancestor of Dubya.
2008-08-08 12:12:46
We have an ice cream stand near here called Custard's last stand.
2008-08-07 13:39:22
2008-08-07 13:37:40
It's definitely Custer. That's why I won't vote for the pic. And @falconwar GAC was a Union army officer.
2008-08-07 11:34:31
No, it's an online search for George Custer..there are many dozens of photos of him..he was a vain, preening, peacock of a chap, loved posing...if anybody ever got what was coming to 'em, it was this fellow...but you have to feel at least a little bit bad for the rank and file soldiers who died with him, because of his hubris..
2008-08-07 11:19:52
I think this picture is fake. It feels recent, it looks too sharp for that time period, the guy looks like he is just a poser. No vote from me.
2008-08-07 08:32:10
I vote positively for most of your historic pictures, starboardside, but I just can't vote for this guy...
2008-08-07 06:48:30
Union or Confederacy?
2008-08-07 06:22:14
General Custer's Last Words..."Well, at least we won't have to go back through North Dakota."