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Posted By:Gripweed

Old Comments:

2008-10-26 21:10:41
that was a pretty stupid comment, hooknslice. i mean really stupid. go sit in the corner.
2008-10-24 14:19:31
i didn't see any atheists posting comments under this picture before i responded to your comment and (flawed) idea that atheists consider atheism anything like a religion (notice here that i didn't go ape shit crazy trying to prove, describe, or defend atheism). in fact, to me the british pound is a better currency not because it has the birth date and facsimile signature of sir charles darwin, but instead is superior due to the sound financial policies adhered to by the brits, as opposed to the borrow and spend attitude of the american 'fed.'
2008-10-24 13:27:27
You know, it seems like Atheism is becoming a religion... it's remarkable how hard they try to win converts.