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Old Comments:

2011-07-30 21:14:48
On my different trips to Europe, I noticed a big difference between English and French gardens. French gardens, for the most part, are formal, structured, and symmetrical (like the one on this photo and in Versailles). Not all famous French gardens are formal. For example, the Jardins du Luxembourg in Paris, are not formal. English gardens are the opposite. For the most part, they have an overgrown/wild look; they ‘flow’ trying to blend in with nature. Both styles have something to recommend it. But, if I had to chose a personal preference, it would be the English gardens. The ideal would be to take the best of both styles. The famous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island are a mix of both styles.
2011-07-30 02:55:15
Lovely photo! The Gardens of Marqueyssac are in the Department de Dordogne which is in south-west France. There is also a 17th century chateau - not very impressive