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Old Comments:

2009-06-14 17:28:12
2009-06-14 17:04:27
I'd never hurt any gal. I'm a huge fan of gals, especially smart, feisty ones!
2009-06-14 16:56:16
Ouch! You know how to hurt a gal.
2009-06-14 15:54:36
Yeah, what does it matter, except that this started with a simple comment about gloves. Maybe if you're "just joshing" it would be good to make an effort to come across that way. Anyway, I' glad it was all in fun. I was beginning to think that you all were either nuts or simply ill-tempered. Color me, relieved!
2009-06-14 07:03:14
What the heck does it matter? The rest of us were joshing here, anyway. Don't take everything so literally... "Notice I used the words..." you say. We did, we did.
2009-06-14 04:38:53
I was just pointing out that not everyone thinks alike or sees the same things in a photo. Notice I used the words "not always sold as gardening gloves". Maybe the cat stole a glove from a roofer or a carpenter or an electrician or a plumber or a one-armed paper hanger or a repo man or an alien being.
2009-06-11 02:47:20
The kitty must be a runaway from the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum on Key West. ;-)
2009-06-11 01:12:19
I may be wrong but that kitty seems to have too many toes?
2009-06-10 21:38:12
Would not any pair of gloves worn while working in the garden therefore be, in fact, gardening gloves, regardless of type, style, or the manufacturers or marketers intent? This is an important and weighty matter and must be considered carefully: the fate of nations is at stake.
2009-06-10 17:46:20
How did you jump to cultural bias from gardening gloves? That's some leap. ;-) I would wear the heavy 'white mule' gloves for handling cacti, for example... and so it goes, different gardening gloves for different jobs. Gardening IS work, although pleasurable as such. You obviously have an image of a well-dressed suburban lady who wears pretty pink gloves and has a basket on her arm when venturing into her garden to cut a few flowers for the dining room table. Well, I ain't that kind of gardener. ;-)
2009-06-10 07:10:13
The two pairs of gloves on the left side of the photo are not always sold as gardening gloves. The white pair with the little dots are sold the world over as work gloves, especially in the oil field. I've worn out many pairs of these when I was working as a roughneck while in college. They grip when wet and can mean the difference between losing a finger and keeping it when you're working the chain or stacking pipe. The second pair are "white mule" brand gloves. They have been a standard work glove for over a hundred years. I can't imagine gardening in these, but I'm sure you could. So, regardless of the what the caption says, and what you read, they don't all look like gardening gloves to me. I guess your cultural bias is confused by cultural bias? In any event, this cat is adorable.
2009-06-10 00:18:59
You write: "most of these look like gardening gloves." This is what I mean about observation (or lack of it): The caption of the pic is "Gardening Glove Snatching Cat." They ARE all gardening gloves. - You get points for the old ladies; that IS funny. ;-)
2009-06-09 16:47:31
Oh, just another thought... most of these look like gardening gloves. How many little old ladies went inside to use the loo or get a drink and spent the next half hour questioning their sanity? "Now, where did I put that other glove? I just 'ad the bleedin' thing!" Too funny!!
2009-06-09 16:45:24
What a great cat! Great photo, too!!
2008-09-02 23:41:44
He's just trying to find a pair small enough to fit... :) Adorable shot!