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Old Comments:

2009-07-26 08:54:38
I think I've made calls from here before. I always like to call home right at noon, wake someone up (if it's a weekend) and when the clock starts to chime, ask, "Guess where I'm at?" It always helps to leave the door a bit ajar so they can hear better, but everyone knows that sound.
2009-07-26 07:06:49
Its Summer here in the UK, please check your seasons....
2009-07-26 05:34:09
Yes, its winter-ish there, and it sometimes gets very cold in a telephone box, especially when there are no seats to sit down and have a nice hot cup of coffee; so the artist who made the patchwork quilt box-coat was very considerate in looking after the needs of the wayward winter coffee drinker.
2009-07-25 20:08:39
LOL! Yeah, it could be very cold in Britain... :-)