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Posted By:farhad

Old Comments:

2009-01-29 14:08:05
زمان برای هیچ کس نه متوقف می شود نه بر می گردد ونه اضافه می شود . شیللر
2008-12-25 05:38:11
Or it's just my PHANTASY?
2008-12-25 05:35:55
Very beautiful comments now. I noticed the new lines are wonderful!
2008-12-25 05:35:25
Yes Yes
2008-12-24 16:03:34
You know I got this feeling that I just canít hide-I try to tell you how I feel-I try to tell you about Iím me-Words donít come easily-When you get close I share them-I watch you when you smile- And I still donít understand-I canít find the way to tell you.