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Posted By:TzummyGyrl

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2010-01-02 05:03:53
Hello Elizabethsamundio, I can't speak for tzummygirl, but I know that most people who post pictures here are not the actual photographer of the pics they post. We just find good pics to share with each other, Pixdaus tells people,"please give credits", but I think they may make it mandantory in the near future that the photographers name and the website where the pic was found are included.
2010-01-02 04:01:45
hello, tzummygirl Pardon my ignorance, i am new to pixdaus. I thought at first by joining we have access to use one another's photos as long as we give credit. The reason i am asking you is that i write for the examiner as the dallas green culture writer. It just so happens i am writing about planting fruit trees. I love your pic--bright happy and clean. may i use this in my online article? I know we can share on facebook, but just want to be sure If you want to see my articles i am listed as elizabeth samudio as Dallas green culture examiner. In advance, thanks for your time and happy new year