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Posted By:Jhonnywalk

Old Comments:

2009-02-03 06:21:49
Thanks fran53, i think the same......
2009-02-02 11:51:26
Simply beautiful!!
2009-01-13 09:34:18
I already see thatů., this type of photos makes imagine me in the depth of the nature created by Godů.Connie your pics are so awsome too....congratulations....
2009-01-13 05:43:44
We have good taste Jhonnywalk ;-) The winter light on the snow, different shades of blue, different types of trees.......
2009-01-13 03:42:16
Connie, believe or not, this photo adorns my desktop too......greetings ....
2009-01-13 03:09:20
Does that mean I have to change my desktop photo. I should have registered it ;-) Poppy, do you understand what's going on with this registering stuff? See my latest comment under my note 'Registering'.
2009-01-13 03:05:42
2009-01-13 02:57:01
That's my desktop photo! Lovely!