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Old Comments:

2010-12-17 22:05:44
:D You know, I already have a similar tactic. It's much easier to act Slovenian. Jaz sem iz Slovenije, vam zgledam kot ti divjaki Hrvati?
2010-12-17 21:52:23
Well, El Peon, the answer seems clear to me. Just get you some blue jeans, a colorful shirt, a great big hat , some boots, and a belt with a buckle the size of a hub cap that sys 'Let's Rodeo.' Swagger a little, cuss a lot, laugh real loud, chew tobacco, and throw some money around. Everybody will think you're a Texan and you'll just shoot right on through with no problem.
2010-12-17 21:01:03
Don't sweat? Now I have to sweat! If I ever take a trip to Greece I have to be extra careful. Like you said every one have few hot heads. Now I could be attacked just because I'm a Croat there. Besides, because of those my countryman, now if I take a trip to Austria, do you know what a treatment do I get at the border? For Austrian police it's a routine to thoroughly searched all the people from the Croatia if they think that they might be problematic. Few hours in police station is not funny, you know. And now a Greece is another country where I could a get similar treatment.
2010-12-17 20:16:16
Tnx Danis, maybe I don't have to apologize but I feel that someone have to apologize to your citizens. I'm glad that our police caught 6 of them. Worst thing is that most of them are already well known to police for similar crimes. I hope that this time they will finally get proper punishment...
2010-12-17 07:48:32
Hi peasant, There is no need to apologize about the behaviour of some brainless fans.Unfortunately events like this happens in Thessaloniki too. I am fan of the other football club of Thessaloniki, Aris F.C. It is a very long time since I have been in a derby between Aris-PAOK because as you I was riled and tired with those people. Many greetings peasant.
2010-12-17 03:01:29
Every nation, tribe, race, village and family has a few people that are an embarrassment . If that meant we couldn't be proud of our families, our teams and cities, states, and countries then pride wouldn't exist because every human group is going to contain some jerks. Don't sweat it.
2010-12-17 01:21:53
And people in those bus came from a Danis home town Thessaloniki.
2010-12-17 01:01:59
You know, Patito, yesterday on my way to home, I sow so many police that I thought there's some hostage crisis. Whole city full of police because of football mach. Why? Day before, fans of Dinamo stoned a bus full of people and threw a torch through the broken window. Now, I really "proud" to be a Croat.
2010-12-16 23:41:11
You're a cool and classy guy, El Peon. Most of us over here don't follow European football so few of us are aware of the events to which you're referring, but it is almost reasurring to learn that the Irish and English don't have an exclusive franchise on football hooliganism. We seldom have that kind of fan violence at our football our version of the sport there's enough violence on the field to satisfy almost everyone's taste for conflict and carnage.
2010-12-16 20:45:31
Hy Danis, I want to apologize to you and your countryman related to recent events in my home town Zagreb. The whole city is disgraced because of the unacceptable behavior of a group of people, I'm talking about football fans of our football club Dinamo. I'm glad that Dinamo lost match against PAOK so they won't continue playing this spring in European league. I hope that those people will end in jail with maximum penalty for 5 year for attacking PAOK football fans. I'm sick and tired because those people always find a "good" reason for attacking other football fans and our incompetent government that they can not prevent the instigation of riots. Once again, please take my sincere apologies.