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Old Comments:

2010-12-21 12:26:32
It must be easy for you to say such things about our "backwards joke of a country" most likely in a nice, warm, house, and on a computer as well. Unfortunately, the only moron here is you, someone so selfish and spoiled that they seem to not be able to appreciate the fact that they have much more than many people in this world, and that there are people out there who would probably kill for you have. But I guess your ego is so enormous you must not be able to see anything else. Furthermore, how is it you can say "I'm actually surprised you can spell "advance" correctly" when you can't spell the word "like"?
2008-07-03 09:05:48
Finding one of FYI's comments on this site is kinda like when you discover a piece of dog shit on the bottom of your's foul and nasty and disgusting, but not something you take very seriously..
2008-07-02 11:05:04
i'm always so happy to arrive late (because i have a life) to see you sad guys discussing everything like it matters what you say. i thought, after my stalker, it doesn't get any better, but just to see you boys doing what you do is so amusing. (oops, threw up a bit in my mouth) you boys, take your time, figure it out, you're all so smart and deep (puke).
2008-07-02 03:26:14
You remeind me more and more of Popolov, Korben. He too believes that anyone who disagrees with him about anything is either ignorant or a moron. You both seem to think that you have an exclusive franchise on truth and understanding, and you are both intolerant of anyone who believes there might be some other interpretation of the evidence. What you both are, in fact, demonstrating are classic characteristics of authoritarian personalities.
2008-07-02 02:58:07
Against my will? No, actually. I do it mostly out of feeling of greater responsibility. You know, there's only one planet we are inhabiting. So when a monkey with a nuclear grenade gets out of control, it is not surprising that responsible people around the world get concerned about it. People actually take action to make sure that USA, this backwards joke of a country, doesn't go under in uncontrollable fashion. Most Americans actually understand it perfectly well (as opposed to morons like you), which is the main reason why USA is crawling around the world on its knees desperately begging people like me to come here. I'm here mostly because I'm a kind person, and when someone is tearfully begging me for help, I do help. Morons liek you are minority here. Otherwise, I wouldn't be wasting my efforts keeping this wreck afloat.
2008-07-01 00:14:15
Gee, Korben...I really feel sorry for you, man...forced against your will to live here in the 'States, surrounded by a bunch of ignorant, pitch-fork waving, snuff-dippin' red-necks and hill billies, probably working for starvation wages and living in a tin-roofed hovel with a dirt floor...freezing in the winter..going without shoes..can't feed you family..can't afford even an old broken-down wreck of a have my sympathy, friend..I'm sure that if you ever have the opportunity to escape your captivity you will hasten back to the paradise from whence you came..
2008-06-30 23:59:18
now to US immigrate only people without education, why? because there is limit 64000 visas a year for engineers (visa is provided once per year, even if you are a genius or new Steve Jobs, if you are not lucky - lottery didn't pick you up, you can't get a job) So no company will hire you in advance, with no guarantee that you can start working in next few years... because in few years that company will work on different project and you could not be needed anymore. And you probably already have found better job in UE or in Canada... but if you are not looking for a job in advance, there is plenty of opportunities in walmart...
2008-06-30 23:40:09
Your standard pitchfork-mob-rallying argument of "anti-Amercanism" makes me laugh :))) You are too quick to acknowledge defeat :))) (Where do _you_ live BTW?) I, for one, live in USA. But, firstly, since I wasn't born here, my head is not damaged by the local propaganda. (Which is the reason why I can't really take _your_ refernces to logic and reason seriously. I'm actually surprised you spelled "advance" correctly.) And, secondly, I have a very good understanding of the structure of the immigration. A very objective understanding, not a bunch of cheap slogans from Fox News.
2008-06-30 20:41:10
Frankly, Korben, I beleive you are one of those people who are so infected with anti-Americanism that your ability to reason or advance a logical argument has been impaired. Would you be willing to tell us where you live? Can you provide us with some actual immigration data from your country ( as opposed to your opinion ) ?
2008-06-30 11:20:39
No, no, no, there's no need to push the fake and meaningless numbers. "Became permanet residents" is an indication of absolutely nothing. The question is very simple: how many people are currently enetring the country. For the illegal immigration, the situation is simple: US is not even in the top five these days. For the professional immigration, since the recent times the leader is Europe.
2008-06-30 07:22:57
The numbers are out there and are relatively easy to find if one is 2006, the most recent year for which complete stats are available, over 1,266,000 immigrants became permanent residents of the 2005 it was over 1,122,000 ...the largest number came from Mexico: 173, 750...then the People's Repub. of China: 87,000...74,000 from the Phillipines, 61,000 from India, 45,000 from Cuba, 43,000 from Columbia, 38,000 from the Dominican Republic, 31,000 from El Salvador, 30,000 from Vietnam, 24,00 from Jamaica, 24,000 from South Korea, 24,000 from Guatamala, and another 600,000 folks from other countries all over the world..and that's just in one year... They come for lots of reasons, but mostly they come for the same reasons immigrants have always come..opportunity and hope for a better's been said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Korben..and that's true..but everyone isn't entitled to their own facts...
2008-06-30 02:50:04
Excuse me Korben, I wasen't directing the trashing Americans part at you, I was referring to the comments like the one at the top of the page.
2008-06-30 02:45:38
Patito is right, especially about the opportunities for economic and social mobility at the moment anyway. Most other countries have to pay alot more for alot less. and take it from someone who lives here there is a steady stream of immigrants, for you to say "virtually zero" makes me think you should look up your facts. however what really annoys me is this constant need to put down Americans, as if that makes you superior, most every country has had bad leaders who some people made the mistake of following, but why keep trashing Americans?? so we can all grow further apart and hate each other more??
2008-06-30 02:16:44
Lining up? Who? Illegals? Illegals do line up indeed, but at the same time there are lots more illegals coming into Russia or China, for example. So, does it imply that Russia or China is a better place? I personally don't think so. Do you? As for the smart people... No, they used to be coming whan America was the center of the progress. But today this inflow of immigrants has dried down to virtual zero. So, nobody is lining up to come to America anymore. Of course, in your cave the fairy tales might tell you diffrrent.
2008-06-29 19:19:53
Really makes you wonder why, if the US is such a terrible place, people are lining up all over the world to get here, and in some cases risking their very lives to get here. Fact is, there is more opportunity for economic and social mobility in this country than anywhere else on earth. "It's dog eat dog, and cat eat mouse, you can Rag Mama Rag all over my house." J.R. Robertson, 1970. Looks like the old 'Tater rode back into town just in time.
2008-06-29 15:30:23
Very much to the point Milkshake. America is where dog eats dog and the super rich, the banksters (gangster bankers), live off of the entrails of the not-so-rich.
2008-06-29 12:34:38
Now as then - it is the land of opportunity, not welfare. Too bad the universal education in US is a sham though.
2008-06-29 10:49:01
screw you gub!! lol
2008-06-29 10:38:37
lol, useless americans