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Old Comments:

2009-07-05 06:20:24
DANIS, Today did you read the comments about the picture "How do you call this constellation in your country?". No the picture in itself. But the 78 comments. I am going to use all my English vocabulary : for me, it is WONDERFUL-MARVELLOUS-FANTASTIC-SPLENDID-OUT OF WORDS :-) : We are so many nations/countries all over the world participating “in” Pixdaus ... So many "little lights" everywhere ... So many "little stars"… So many STARS. All together we make the MilkyWay … . NO WORD.
2009-07-05 01:00:10
Beautiful place avva and the photo is excellent..
2009-07-05 00:21:20
comment by the author: Ancient Forum in Stara Zagora, a favorite place for everyone in town. Here are placed spektali from antiquity to today including. The last set was a few days - the opera "Don Juan". Night after night fall under the spotlight, this place fills with magic and enchantment. Walls that are behind the columns are part of the decor to the opera ....