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Old Comments:

2011-11-18 01:29:59
You're friggin' weird !
2011-11-17 23:34:03
Well it’s just very simple. the title is NOT correct. It’s due to what in brief can be summed up as (?#@*&%!!!). But isn’t that the reason why I’ve pressed for downvoting this pic !? Forewarned is forearmed, we always say, isn’t ? But alas, in vain. Well, never mind. The correct title should have been: Frogs will always be cruel animals. And so the correct title is from now on: FROGS WILL ALWAYS BE CRUEL ANIMALS ! Much better so, isn’t ? And you should better downvote THE OTHER PICS WHICH I HAVE PRESSED FOR !!
2011-11-17 22:09:12
You're not reading his comment well; I think there is something nasty and cruel about creepy cohise
2011-11-17 14:57:59
He probably was drunk. He is also bat-shit crazy, rude and cantankerous. Nevertheless, he posts some of the most interesting photos on this site, pics that are a welcome relief from the general run of visual drivel one sees here.
2011-11-17 09:37:27
You write as if you were drunk. What is wrong with you?
2011-11-17 07:38:36
And again for the downvoters: this is a pic you may again downvote (if you still can, of course !). It was a sort of test, finger-exercise or so, etc .... It’s well your lucky day, isn’t ? Perhaps I’ll help you, if I’ve some more time. Thank you in advance (in a way of speaking of course). ;)
2011-11-17 02:58:27
No, it is not so. It is true frogs are often vain, and the can be thoughtless, impulsive and bombastic, but they are not cruel. The only truly cruel animals are ourselves.