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Old Comments:

2011-06-22 21:07:45
Frog mouse put the inane comment "nice stories", to bring up this photo and the others under 'Recently commented'...a way to point out all the reposts. I think that is sneaky! So, I listed, in chronological order, the name of the original poster and the reposters, INCLUDING MYSELF. I showed why tags are not helpful and that it is better to put key words under caption. This would help reduced the complaints of repost. AND NO I DON'T SAY ANYTHING NOW - unless it's my own upload. Even then, I don't mention it everytime. For this effort, my comment got -12. So, I have to assume, that many on Pixdaus, want to maintain the status quo - the endless reposts and the endless complaints. So be it.
2011-06-21 22:39:51
Chronological order of the posting of this photo: Kev - with caption hitchin'a ride Silvermidnight - with caption hitching a ride Dwarf - with caption friendship Connie - with caption Frog rescues mouse (see comment) Happy Jack - with caption Mouse rides frog in India Monsoon Malikimran - with caption Help Others When you do a search in Pixdaus under 'frog mouse', only mine and Happy Jack shows up, because we had those two words under the caption. All the others, except Malikimran, showed those two words under tag, but it was useless. Malikimran, I guess to be funny, put a bunch of useless words under tag. I also noticed four of them under ‘similar pics’. At the time I posted mine, I was the fourth poster. I didn't know anything about Tineye, so did not use it. If I had, it would have shown up that the photo was already on Pixdaus and how times. This shows that Tineye is useful and tags are pretty useless. It's more important to put obvious words with the caption.
2011-06-21 19:49:31
nice stories
2010-09-18 11:45:13
But I didn't cry for very long because I had forgotten those two stories. Old age...don't ya know.
2010-09-18 11:43:56
Oops...I realize I did read it and even commented on it. Drats...I'm getting old!!
2010-09-18 11:42:44
I never saw your comment before clyde hollifield! It's an adorable story with a funny ending - thanks ;-)
2010-09-18 09:27:58
Here's the orginal, complete with the story that made Connie cry .
2010-03-10 08:43:34
Not so nice mean old Charley - you made me cry
2010-03-10 08:41:48
That's hilarious clyde; keep those stories coming ;-)
2010-03-10 05:32:29
Froggie sat beside the lake in the thick reeds near the bank. He was so hungry he could hear his tummy growl. It was cool weather and he hadn't been able to snag a cricket or a dragon fly all morning. Then, to his delight, he saw a little mouse trotting down the path. "Mornin', Brother Mouse," said Froggie. "Oh," said the mouse."You startled me! I didn't know anyone lived around here!" "Well, " said Froggie," not many of us do. Just me....and the cat." "Cat ?" exclaimed the mouse. "What cat ?" "Big ol' tomcat," Froggie said."Lives down there around the bend where the path runs between the woods and the lake. He's mighty mean, real fast, and powerful strong. You'll be lucky to get to past him." "Dear me," fretted the mouse."What'll I do?" "Well," Froggie said."I'm not busy right now. Why don't you just hop up on my back and I'll give you a ride over to the other side of the lake past the woods, and you can be on your way. " "Oh, thank you," said the mouse. He hopped up on Froggie's back, and Froggie began swimming out across the lake. The mouse though"Gee..what good luck, and how nice this frog is to be so helpful! That mean ol' cat won't get me now!" Froggie kept a straight face but he chuckled to himself, very pleased about the fine lunch he was about to have, and he thought "Mice are pretty dumb...that trick works almost every time."
2010-03-10 02:54:53
great photo. here is a story i made up about is called THE FROG AND THE MOUSE... one day a little mouse was strolling along beside the pond, eating seeds, urinating to mark his territory, and minding his own mousey business. all of a sudden, a huge ugly terrifying old ratty housecat sprang out of a patch of morning glory vines and made a wicked snatch at the innocent little mouse. the startled mouse reacted in an instant, as mice are want to do, and sprang away. in his haste to escape the jaws of death and claws of destruction, the precious little guy inadvertently jumped into the cold water of the deep pond. he struggled to stay afloat as the sorry old cat watched him from the shore and licked it's nasty hairy lips. mr. mouse could not return to shore and he knew he could not swim for very long so he did the only sensible thing and crawled onto the back of a warty old frog who was quietly watching the whole drama unfold. the wise and sympathetic frog allowed the mouse onboard and swam for the far shore of the pond. the little frightened mouse clung on for dear life (see photo taken by the angry cat) when the little mouse was at last safe on terra firma again, he thanked the wise old frog and asked, "why did you help me out?" "I hate that old ass hole of a cat," the frog croaked. the end
2009-03-16 13:00:35
MOUSE RIDES FROM IN INDIA MONSOON JULY 5, 2006 It could be the most spirited interspecies escape since The Rescuers. But unlike the 1977 Disney movie, this situation is anything but fun. Photographed Friday in the northern Indian city of Lucknow, a mouse perches on a frog in waist-deep (for a frog, anyway) floodwatersa small sign of the early arrival of annual summer monsoon rains.