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Posted By:Schumi

Old Comments:

2008-03-03 04:54:03
The tiger nurses the piglet.
2008-02-12 19:34:28
ummmm.... bacon....
2008-02-12 18:00:12
Piglet... the tiger's tastiest friend :-)
2008-02-12 08:49:43
It's a piglet head photoshopped onto the image, where do you see a wrapping of tigerskin?
2008-02-12 03:59:29
I agree..."dinner" or even has a bow on it
2008-02-12 02:24:11
More like "dinner"
2008-02-12 02:19:49
definitely NOT "Friends" The tiger is tricked into accepting the piglet which is wrapped in tiger skin. This is purely for the 'entertainment' of people, and it has absolutely no benefit for the pig or the tiger.