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Old Comments:

2009-12-20 03:28:04
Dear Mr. Patrol, thank you for your recent letter expressing your enthusiasm for the paintings of Senora Kahlo, and your desire to sponsor an exhibition of her work in your community. Unfortunately, we feel that an exhibit is not feasible at this time given the circumstances as you have described them. Although we have no doubts that your goat barn is quite lovely, and an appropriate venue for your own work, we prefer to restrict the exhibition of Senora Kahlo's paintings to actual museums and art galleries. Thank you for your continued suppprt. Sincerely Amanda Reckonwith Secretary to the Director The Patito Museum of Latin American Art
2009-12-20 02:50:39
Shut the fuck up , patito, you little whining cunt! We are all sick of you..sick sick sick ! Sick of your trollbehaviour. Sick of your extremly boring pics. Sick of your permanent selfvoting of the very same. Sick of your permanent selfvoting of own comments. Sick of your offendings to other users. Sick of your permanent attempt to deceive by inventing other accounts. Sick of your permanent deleting of comments and pictures solely in your sole discretion. Sick of your miserable failure being funny. Sick of your whining. Sick of YOU. patito = selfvoter