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2009-12-17 06:47:42
FRESQUE DES QUEBECOIS – Quebec City This mural is a huge 1200 sq ft painting that represents 400 years of Quebec City history. It was painted on a 5 story building, on the corner of Notre Dame, at the bottom of Cote de la Montagne. The mural was designed to create an optical illusion effect. Parts of this mural, depict several notable people in Quebec history such as: François de Montmorency-Laval Louis-Joseph Papineau François-Xavier Garneau Jacques Cartier Jean Talon Comte de Frontenac Louis Jolliet Samuel de Champlain Lord Dufferin Felix Leclerc To the right of the mural, you can see Lord Nelson at the bottom window reading his war declaration; higher up is Jacques Cartier.