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Old Comments:

2008-01-31 14:46:58
WW1 had more than just trench warfare going on, so it's unfair to say it doesn't look 'dirty enough'. Second of all, troops can find humour in anything. Without a sense of humour, you're as good as dead. Virtually any soldier of any rank will agree (and those that don't are probably not well liked). That aside, i'm not entirely convinced this photo is legit either
2008-01-30 08:46:14
I know it is not authentic. If it were authentic the Frogs would have their hands in the air...
2008-01-07 15:13:31
I think color prints were prohibitively expensive at that time. Black and white, and sepia were the most used at that time. I think...
2008-01-07 15:06:07
I've seen photos from WWI of better quality. It's definitely authentic photo.
2008-01-06 18:46:07
Although there are authentic colour autochromes from WWI, this is not one of them. This is from a modern movie.
2008-01-06 07:50:58
I seriously doubt this is an actual World War One photo. For one thing, it just looks too good, too sharp, compared to other photos from the trenches. For another, these men simply don't look miserable enough. I'd bet this is really a still from a newer movie, perhaps "A Very Long Engagement."
2008-01-06 06:11:20
Interestingly, Ivan, the French (and allies) actually won the First World War.
2008-01-06 05:00:45
2008-01-06 01:13:47
dirty french... literaly
2008-01-06 01:09:18
I am always impressed that people can smile in such conditions. I would want to shirk into the woodwork.
2008-01-05 17:44:30
Aaaaaand exactly how come it's a colour photograph? :)