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Old Comments:

2008-07-27 06:52:58
The Papal Zouaves were disbanded in the 1870's, they are not the Swiss Guards. From wikipedia" The Papal Zouaves were formed in defence of the Papal States by Lamoricière in 1860. The Zuavi Pontifici were mainly young men, unmarried and Roman Catholic, who volunteered to assist Pope Pius IX in his struggle against the Italian Risorgimento. They formed an international regiment, coming from Flanders, France, The Netherlands, Bavaria, and even Canada. After the occupation of Rome by Victor Emmanuel in 1870, the Papal Zouaves served the government of National Defence in France during the Franco-Prussian War, and were disbanded after the entrance of Prussian troops into Paris. They wore a similar style of uniform to that of the French Zouaves but in grey with red trim. A grey and red kepi was substituted for the North African fez."
2008-07-26 05:46:02
And theirs names are " Zouaves " !
2008-07-26 05:22:56
The Swiss Guards guard the Pope
2008-07-26 05:03:21
The " Zouaves " are gardians for the Pope at Rome.
2008-07-26 04:59:24
Look like Zouaves (Algerians), the uniforms were also popular at the beginning of the American Civil War on both sides
2008-07-26 04:50:59
Is it you in this picture ?