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Old Comments:

2008-04-13 18:03:26
well irony for a little while at least... Scotland is working the democratic route to their Independence..... they already have freedom seeing as tho Great Britian is a western country
2008-02-09 06:21:21
Irony indeed!
2008-02-08 15:15:35
Great caption! :-D
2008-02-08 06:23:07
2008-02-08 05:07:13
It is meant to be a statue honoring William Wallace (aka Braveheart) but in fact is a Mel Gibson statue, just adopting the films style. As far as I know at least.
2008-02-08 04:04:37
what is the story here? I bet its intresting!
2008-02-07 23:10:55
Amazing result!!