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Old Comments:

2008-03-15 10:24:31
we already discussed this, it doent count
2008-03-15 02:05:00
NOT TRUE - The Japanes held a couple Aleutian Islands in early WW2 for over a year before our boys beat them down at great expense
2008-02-15 12:31:48
yup everyone works in USA
2008-01-31 22:58:57
It's more or less impossible to invade the US. You come - you work there.
2008-01-24 17:33:18
spell check dude, spell check
2008-01-24 15:57:06
sigh... Jim, this is a fun site, not a a place where the issues of the world are resolved. why would i make relevant points in this site since ant a-hole with a compter can post any crap they want? To your point, the US didnt enter teh war because the japanese were attacking little islands, they entered because of a larger more complex problem. Seems like you have a stick up your a-, so now that you have showed that you read a few books, use that knowledge and look forward, dont be bitter for what has happened in the past. This is a stupid discussion, its just a pic man, get over it
2008-01-24 11:19:38
Yeah, JS, you are right. Makes one wonder why the US entered World War II when, after all, the Japanese were only taking little irrelevant islands and killing nameless irrelevant people. Your understanding of history and diplomacy is going to waste – turn your computer off and sign up to be a diplomat! Your services are needed! The people of the world (even the irrelevant ones) look up to your unfathomable wisdom and matchless intellect and we know that only you, the shining beacon from LA, can lead us out of these irrelevant dark days. Since Columbus, New Mexico has such a tiny and irrelevant population, might we also assume that Pancho Villa’s invasion there is as irrelevant, or maybe even more irrelevant, than the Japanese invading and capturing the irrelevant Philippines Islands (where millions of American citizens lived at the time)? Or is this whole thing irrelevant?
2008-01-24 08:25:58
who cares about those little islands, is irrelevant.
2008-01-23 17:13:57
¡viva mexico, cabrones!
2008-01-23 08:49:11
Fuckin' a.
2008-01-23 04:04:54
2008-01-22 22:00:55
Heh, Mexicans are still invading in droves every single day.
2008-01-22 21:59:39
The last person to invade "continental" U.S. If you call an invation to just hit & run. Mexican revolution was a huge fake with the sole purpose to make wealthy and politically handtied people gain power by the overthrowing and ostracism of the quasi emperor Porfirio Diaz. Leaving just another legacy of powered people with no qualms.
2008-01-22 19:27:09
On 8 December 1941 Guam was invaded and captured by the Japanese. On 8 December 1941 Wake Island was invaded and eventually captured by Japanese. On 8 December 1941 The Philippines was invaded and eventually captured by the Japanese. On 3 June 1942 Dutch Harbor, Alaska was invaded and captured by the Japanese. In 1970 Machias Seal Island was invaded by Canadian police and has been occupied since then. Since 1977 Serranilla Bank has been and continue to be occupied by Colombia. Since 1980 the Petrel Islands have been and continue to be occupied by Colombia.