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Old Comments:

2009-03-01 15:57:21
Exactly. so why did you bother commenting on my photo if it doesn't interest you? makes me wonder sometimes
2009-03-01 15:55:42
Solmaz, manzooram az chi chie? age manzooretoon in axe, manzoore khasi az upload kardanesh nadashtam bejoz ahag kardane baziha az tarikhe iran.
2009-02-28 17:36:39
Ultimatum mitvanid mnzor khod ra sade bian konid
2009-02-28 17:33:53
I believe everyone has the right to express his or her opinions here and that includes whether or not we like your photos.
2009-02-28 16:17:44
dorod bar padshe iran
2009-02-28 15:25:12
شاید او یکی از شاهنشاهی با فکر و با تدبیر در روزگار خودش بود روحش شاد باد
2009-02-28 13:53:49
The US government (meaning CIA) propped him up. The Shah ran a corrupt and totalitarian regime, which tolerated no disagreement or dissent. The dreaded secret service agency (SAVAK) was trained and aided by Israelís Mossad (surprising). They had spies everywhere. Anyone that dared to criticize him 'disappeared' in their prisons; they were tortured and killed. Like some movie star, he started believing in his own publicity and propaganda. He saw himself as an omnipotent. He was completely out of touch with his people - so much so that he could not would not believe that he was being booted out...until Washington ordered him to get out, before things got too ugly. He had become an embarrassment. Islam's teachings urging resistance against oppression and injustice did play a role in spawning the movement that brought down the Shah's corrupt and totalitarian regime. But the US cannot disown its own role in sowing the seeds of change. Washington's short- sighted policies, especially the CIA's role in bringing down the elected government of Prime Minister Mohamed Musaddaq and propping up a discredited monarch in the face of fierce popular opposition also paved the way for the rule of the Ayatollahs. Talking to my Iranian friends, things are difficult in Iran; but it was worse under the Shah, they say.
2009-02-28 12:16:55
In 1971 this guy spent over a hundred million bucks throwing a lavish party out near Persepolis for the world's big wigs and royalty, ostensibly to celebrate the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire....there were 160 acres of air conditioned tents, with dining caterd by Maxim's of Paris...guests consumed 25,000 bottles of wine, feasted on quail eggs, caviar, and partridge with fois gras and truffle the time the average yearly income in Iraq was $350 a year.. And yet, when the Iranian Revolution occured in 1971, and the Shaw was deposed by the Ayotola Khomeini, US and European intelligence agencies were taken completely by surprise....
2009-02-28 11:58:37
If I have to explain the joke it becomes un-funny.
2009-02-28 11:33:57
And what is it you're trying to say, if no secret?
2009-02-28 11:28:50
Look! You post only five pics and the give us an Ultima...... Nevermind. ;-)
2009-02-28 11:21:39
To the person(s) who give thumbs down to this set of my photos: I really don't care if you do so because of title reasons or whatnot, but I seriously recommend you get a life.