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Old Comments:

2010-08-02 21:50:07
To connie: ”English is your language.” So, we’re back to that, are we? Finnish is my mother tongue, and English is a learned language. It’s safe for you to continue with your ridiculous statement because you know I am not going to publish my birth certificate on the Internet, but what I don’t understand is this: why should you care one way or another? Why is it such a big issue with you? Personally, I don’t care if a person from Central Siberia comes here and says in a comment, writing perfect English, that his/her mother tongue is the Kent Language, I’d believe him… The world is full of people who are capable of learning another language to speak and write it as a native. English is your second language too, and who has ever doubted it?
2010-07-31 14:39:52
I don't misunderstand anything you say. You have been so devious and sneaky in your comments for two years now that it is not noticed by others. English is your language.
2010-07-31 10:47:55
I thankyou for defending me once again Poppy and for your kind words. I appreciate it. And I appreciate your kind words about me as well, Connie. And Coy, I agree that you are a gentleman also. ..
2010-07-31 10:38:40
Thank you poppy for those kind words. I take great pride in the fact that most people that know me do in fact regard me as a gentleman. I reall have attemted all my life to be kind and gentle to others..
2010-07-31 04:00:50
Of course I remember you accusing Mary (PictureGirl) of networking, but my comment had nothing to do with that. I merely connected with yet another accusation made on Mary about the same thing. True to form, you misunderstood and took yet another opportunity to do some more poppybashing. Amazing how you profess to 'know' me and my character and motives. I am not the one attacking you, you are attacking me: I stay away from you but you go around like a broken record all over the place, repeating your 'facts' over and over again... what is wrong with you? Is your ego so big that you imagine that everything has a connection to you? I am not going to stop making comments in fear of attracting your negative attention, nor am I going to avoid using any words or phrases that could possibly remind you of something that you have said along the way... Although English is not my language, I will use it in any way I choose and I WILL NOT spend my time on this forum thinking: Can I say this? Will connie misunderstand? You're the one playing games, not I.
2010-07-31 03:38:28
This comment is a perfect example of your devious, sneaky and round about way to stab at me...which you've done for two years. You went out of your way to claim you are referring to Bystander, fully remembering that I had told PictureGirl that she was networking. You are the most dishonest person there is on Pixdaus. You are always networking,but not in the sense that I had said to PictureGirl. Your networking (complimenting others) is not honest and sincere - it's a means to an end - to get more votes. PictureGirl was networking, as many others do before they start posting. But, the difference between you and PictureGirl is that she was and still is sincere in her compliments. You do not have a sincere bone in your body.
2010-07-31 01:54:52
To COY: If you were a woman, you’d be a lady. ;-) As it is, you’re a man, but you’re also a gentleman. It is very pleasant to have gentility and decorum on Pixdaus; it’s a rare thing. You and PictureGirl are, in my opinion and I am sure in many other peoples' opinion, the most polite and courteous people who write comments here. Now that I’ve said it, someone will come along and say I am networking (as Bystander Opinion at 2010-07-30 09:06:36 at has today accused PictureGirl and Jujuba of doing), or kissing your rear ends (at one time, every time there were fun in comments that included compliments, a troll would come along and accused us of doing that; he/she said it in stronger language, though). ;-) It is a sad fact that it is not possible to be nice to one another here without someone wanting to rain on the parade.
2010-07-30 12:12:03
You are very welcome, Coy....
2010-07-30 12:06:25
Thank you poppy and P.G. for appreciating the beauty of this little woods with the wonderful bluebells mixed with the fern.I am not a lady and I thought that it was very pretty. Thanks again to the both of you.
2010-07-30 11:40:18
Not as beautiful as this, Poppy... :(
2010-07-30 11:23:42
But you have some really spectacular wildflowers in your country, too...
2010-07-30 11:04:34
I think I'd be like that too Poppy, if I were to walk into a beautiful place such as this... :)
2010-07-30 11:03:15
Beautiful.... just beautiful, Coy... :)
2010-07-30 11:03:13
Lovely bluebell woods... I just went bonkers in the UK when I for the fist time walked into a scene like this one!