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Old Comments:

2010-05-09 09:47:52
Thankyou for your comments, Andouille and Rollerblade. I can see what you both mean as well. All I know is that I would be extremely nervous having so many trees branches above the house if I was living there..... :(
2010-05-09 07:18:20
The trunks of the trees on the left appear to be considerably forward of the front of the house, yet the limbs from those trees pass behind the aftermost gable end on the left of the house. There's something extremely fishy about this photograph.
2010-05-09 01:58:41
I'd not looked at it that closely until after reading your comment, but on closer examination I'm inclined to be somewhat suspicious as well. The house doesn't really fit the location.Those are live oak trees hung with spanish moss, as one might see in the American south. The house simply doesn't look likethe kind of house one typically finds in that part of the world. And the scale of the trees compared to the house seems a bit off.
2010-05-09 01:04:18
On a closer look at this photo, I'm thinking that the branches above this house are awfully close to it. Any sudden strong gust of wind and those branches would be down right on top of it. Unless this house isn't really here, and shock, horror, this pic is photoshopped... :(
2010-05-09 00:58:17
I'm glad you like it, but I'm sure that someone else would've posted this before too long if I hadn't of... :)
2010-05-08 18:49:48
this one's very nice. glad you posted it before you decided to quit posting. wouldn't have wanted to miss it.
2010-05-08 15:00:33