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Old Comments:

2011-07-05 09:12:09
Hello Commie, Glad you survived the earthquake. Just as well you did that head count then. That was good thinking on your part. Job well done... :)
2011-07-05 08:28:00
Hello PictureGirl, I survived the great quake of fifty two, I was just out of junior high and my figure had blossomed, many of the boys who had ignored me before were now paying me a great deal of attention. It was a cold blustery day and my parents were entertainning guests. they had left me in charge of my five brothers and sisters, I was not the oldest, but I had developed more intelectually and emotionally. It was just past five pm when the first tremor came...I immediately called to the other children and ordered them into the house, they were busy chasing firefies or some silly thing, each of us ran towards the house and scampered inside everyone was taking cover when I decided to do a head count and discovered that my sister jezebe, was no where in sight, I dashed out the door just as the second tremor had come and the old willow tree was lifted from it's roots! and there was jezebe.. at the base of the tree, i scooped her up just in the nick of time before a large branch shattered and fell to the ground. The next day several neighbors and dignitaries had showed up at our house wanting to commend me on my heroism, I was quite shy at the time, and just waved to them from my window, besides I had only done what any intelligent caring human being would do for another under the circumstances. ;-)
2011-07-05 06:50:26
We also had an earth tremor here today too. The earthquake happened in Gippsland and it measured 4.4 on the Richter scale. I felt the tremor when I was working on the computer this morning....
2011-07-05 06:47:30
Thankyou Gabrielle. Glad you like the photo. I'd love to take a walk there. It would be beautiful. Hope you are well and having a great day. It is very cold and windy here today. Take care....
2011-07-05 06:40:01
Hello Mary, I like this forest, it looks so quiet and restful there.