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Old Comments:

2008-12-08 16:33:14
Little Danish pastry? I have whole bunch of nickname, but this is something fresh. Thanks 4 new nick name.
2008-12-08 04:25:02
Russia has the biggest land mass, second is Canada and third is the US or China (depends on the source).
2008-12-08 01:33:32
It's not that far off, Sergio...just from eyeballing the thing it seems to have Canada, the US, and China roughly the same size, which they are, and Australia and Brazil about the same size, which they are, and Russia seems to be represented as about twice as big as everyone else, which it is...but it would be a better map if Canada and Russia were shown more like they are actually shaped, and not all squished down at the bottom...
2008-12-08 00:02:28
I think its very funny see a world map from that point, but far from reality because Russia and Canada are a little bigger...
2008-12-06 01:59:41
Hmmmm.. This isn't Connie Lingus by any chance, is it?
2008-12-06 01:52:07
Of course I've heard of Croatia. But to me, you'll always be my little Danish pastry :)
2008-12-05 23:31:55
Sorry for that. And please don't speak against Danish because of me. I am, as you say -- some shit -- from Croatia , East Europe. Country between Italy and Hungary. Never heard , I suppose.
2008-12-05 22:58:08
We think it's cool cause it's a perspective we're not use to seeing, that's all. You fucking jerkoff. What the fuck are you danish or some shit? Learn how to spell.
2008-12-05 21:43:14
Australia is a big chunk of real estate but in terms of population of the world's countries it isn't even in the top 50...there are more people in Romania than Australia...don't get me wrong..I like's a lot like Texas..some large and fairly cosmopolitan cities around the edges, with a vast arid hinterland sparsely populated by beer-guzzlin' shit-kickers..but they're always gonna be Down Under, Mate...
2008-12-05 21:29:39
This is just a common map of word from Australia. Way is so hard to all of you to think whit your head. Your's map of world put your country in the middle of the world, and why is so strange to you that other do the same?
2008-12-05 06:21:05
If your interested, there's a museum built next to his house and both are open to the public, with many activities and information on other anomalies both physical and spiritual. It's in Virginia beach Va. (U.S.) Be careful though, a lot of those people are wack jobs about all that new age shit.
2008-12-05 06:16:01
Just amusing my self.
2008-12-05 05:34:10
Edgar Cayce hmmm. An interesting one of his books.
2008-12-05 03:52:05
I believe Australia was a "penal" colony..not sure what a "penile" colony is, but don't believe I'd feel very comfortable there..
2008-12-05 02:33:39
Ha ha Seamen. Well, Australia originally being used as a penile colony, and also used for extracting natural resources by England, then should use the same magnetic north that we in the northern hemisphere use.
2008-12-04 23:31:29
Nope..old sailor.
2008-12-04 22:56:40
I predict the you are a boy scout leader...
2008-12-04 22:11:17
Why is north up and south down? Interesting question...some possible answers: compasses and lode stones align themselves along a north-south the northern hemisphere, where most of the development of modern cartography and navigation occurred, Polaris ( the North Star ) remains more or less constantly fixed in the night sky and can serve as a locator and navigational aid even if one has no compass...