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Old Comments:

2009-07-19 06:20:01
Come on ladies give a little (+) for this man :)
2009-07-19 05:01:47
Hitler... go back to your bunker and finish the dirty deed. Besides, poor impressionable Eva is turning cold without you! Now, go, be gone, or we will tell Mossad where you are.
2009-07-19 02:56:33
This man needs to be killed by means of hazardous chemicals.
2009-07-18 16:16:09
Heck, I always vote UP, or not at all. I voted this one up, because at first, I thought someone had posted an old photo of me! [laughing] Seriously, if a dude votes down a photo of a guy for that reason, he's got an insecurity problem.
2009-07-17 00:06:49
That was one of my arguments during one of the several 'wars' we've had on the subject. ;-) Thanks for the +vote, Zefrian... you're not a mouse, you're a MAN! You get my vote!
2009-07-16 23:34:56
maybe these men can't bear it seeing a better looking man, thus feeling that man is a competitor and want to get rid of him. It's naturally. ;-) (wrote a male and gave a [+])
2009-07-11 12:18:35
That's the way it should be around here, but it ain't. - Re men voting down pics of men: We've had some heated arguments on the subject, and no man ever came up with an even remotely reasonable explanation for the phenomenon. Any time they felt they were losing the argument, they'd resort to namecalling and other ungentlemanly tactics. Sigh. Must be a touchy subject.
2009-07-11 11:53:40
Not me. That's a double-standard. I seldom, seldom vote anything down. If I don't like it, I just leave it alone.
2009-07-10 04:35:13
cool !!!! now I really miss the chat room! ;)
2009-07-10 03:30:41
Thanks, Much! - I am just trying to stir things up because I've had a dull day. ;-)
2009-07-10 03:16:46
You have my vote 1+, and 1+ for the comment... :)
2009-07-10 03:09:00
Shall we have the conversation about male viewers disliking pics of men again? Hmmm...? ;-) We ladies do not vote portraits of women down, so how about returning the favour?