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Old Comments:

2008-12-14 09:31:54
You are both Fabulous....
2008-12-13 10:56:32
But I think this person dosen't understand how annoying it is to read the same comments on each picture, because of a language barrior. He's nice he may want some votes, but we all do.
2008-12-13 10:52:03
Fedrus, I hope you mean that in a haha funny nuts way! We were joking around cause a certain person was advertising all their pic's today.
2008-12-13 10:51:15
better being nuts than a member of the Pixdaus Mafia! ;-)
2008-12-13 10:30:53
you ladies, nuts! nuts ladies.
2008-12-13 09:19:20
...please, spare me... ;-)
2008-12-13 08:56:08
Always competing with me poppy, my lulus can beat your's anytime! don't force me to pull up some examples!
2008-12-13 07:48:32
Skip: I can do better than that, why don't you both go to the bottom of my file, you'll see some real lulus! Good examples of bad pictures... I mean, there's distinction in that also, right?
2008-12-13 06:47:10
Thanks for the hummingbirds, Lilly, you always find the best ones!! dont waste time checking out poppy's pic's, You can check out my latest under "skips latest pic's" or for a real treat check out "skip's best pic's"!!
2008-12-13 06:01:31
Thanks, Lilly, he's a beauty! I've never seen one of such a brilliant blue before. Now, please view all my pi... nah, kidding. ;-)