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Old Comments:

2010-10-08 09:14:43
To the one who calls him/herself God (Jumala): “…their [sic] is no reason that the two of us should be at war.” - There has been no ‘war’ between us, nor are we ‘at war’ now. It is not ‘war’ if one party (that will be you) attacks the other party (that’ll be I) but the other party does not retaliate or fight back. That being so, I cannot even begin to understand what your motive is for posting this pic (a very nice one, I might add; thanks) and approaching me with your ‘proposal’. You continue to hide behind your blasphemous troll name instead of writing under your better-known Pixdaus name and explaining to me what I supposedly have done to you in order for you to begin attacking me in the first place. I regret to say this but I consider there to be something seriously ‘wrong’ with a Pixdaus user who takes a troll name expressly for the purpose of posting nasty comments and pictures directed at a fellow user and attacking her in such a cowardly manner. I cannot even consider a ‘truce’ if you insist in lurking in the shadows under a troll name. Furthermore, as long as you labour under the assumption that I am part of a group of “unprincipled Pixdaus users that use very devious means to achieve their ways” and also feel unwilling or unable to declare what your real grievances are, there cannot be any meaningful dialogue between us. You called me ‘unprincipled’ but let’s just remember who attacked whom, shall we?
2010-10-07 08:14:43
This comment is intended solely for poppy, however I have no way of reaching her except in this manner and a comment that can be read by all. For all others, you are welcome to read this but please understand it's intent. Poppy, in the past I know that I have had a very harsh attitude in your regard and in re-evaluation I regret this. I am posting this photo and proposing a truce between the two of us. Not expecting any forgiveness or apologies, but suggesting that we put the past behind us and move on. There are some rather unprincipled Pixdaus users that use very devious means to achieve their ways. In the past I considered you to be somewhat of a leader of this group. Currently, I still consider you a part of it, but not a leader. For the most part, I think you mean well in your actions, albeit they have often been misinterpreted. However, their is no reason that the two of us should be at war. As for my user name, Jumala, I admit that I selected this name purposely in order to annoy you, however, I do intend to continue to use it for comments. I have another name that I have used for posting, although I post rather infrequently and not very successfully, and I intend to continue to use it as well, however keeping the connection between the two names to myself. Please do consider my proposal.