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Old Comments:

2010-03-28 12:42:47
That is really awful Connie about the gangs and the drug trade. I don't think that legalizing drugs is the answer. I don't think that man can really solve these problems, because if he could, he would've done so by now. Ahhh, to be 21 again. I've forgotten what that's like. I've been told too that I don't look like all of my 52 years. I don't worry about tanning either. Nor do I worry about makeup either. My dad came from Cyprus and my mum from Australia. I've been told I look more like my mum. My older sister looks more like my dad,complexion wise. Take care, Connie... :)
2010-03-28 12:21:05
Vancouver also has problems...with gangs...the drug trade. It's really out of control in Mexico, and we're afraid it will move further north. The Mexican Presidente declared war on the drug cartels about a year ago, and it has gotten even more violent. A family member had a winter home there; they sold and got out of there. Many Canadians, including in the government, believe that we need to legalize drugs. The Prohibition Era in the US is a good example that prohibiting something does not solve a problem - it creates myriads of problems...major crimes & deaths. Some Americans are also starting to speak out - about legalizing drugs...which I thought I would never hear. I was born in a small village in the middle of Canada. I moved to Vancouver when I was 21 years old. Yikes...I will be 65 this summer! I'm told I don't look it; French women usually don't; we tend to be petite (aka short), and I never tanned my face ;-) Talk to you later.
2010-03-28 11:54:33
Yes, it has alot to offer, that's for sure ! Mind you, it's become more violent as of late. It's a disturbing trend and one that makes me feel very uncomfortable. I don't go into the city mainly for that reason. Vancouver looks like a beautiful city as well. I have lived in Melbourne for 50 years now. I came here when I was 2 years old. I was born in a little town in Victoria called Alexandra. Thanks again, Connie... :)
2010-03-28 11:21:50
I'm glad you like it PictureGirl. When you said you were from Melbourne I went hunting for a great shot of Melbourne. Melbourne looks like a beautiful city.
2010-03-28 08:44:58
More info about the Eureka Tower....
2010-03-28 08:42:03
Many, many thanks, Connie. That's a really beautiful picture of my hometown. I think that tall tower there is the Eureka Tower which you can read all about in this link. It boasts the southern hemisphere's highest viewing platform. I've never been up there. I guess I'm a little bit frightened of heights, though I would imagine that the view would be spectacular ! Thanks again, Connie... :)