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Old Comments:

2011-12-07 11:42:58
Dear sms as PHANE said, the poem and photo that you have posted here is beautiful. Many thanks again. I thankyou for being so kind to me. Please take care and have a great day... :)
2011-12-07 11:37:20
Beautiful photo and poem.
2011-12-07 10:17:16
████ For my dear friend (PictureGirl) ████ It is natural to feel disappointed When things don’t go your way ...It’s easy to think "?I can’t do it, so why try " But no matter how scared you are of making mistakes Or discouraged you may become Never give up Because if you don’t try and If you don’t go after what you want in life It won’t come to you And you’ll be forced to accept Things that you know could be better Success is not measured by Whether you win or you fail There is always a little bit of success Even if things don’t go your way What’s important is that You’ll feel better about yourself Dear PictureGirl , Easy is to enjoy life every day. Difficult to give its real value... ♥♥♥ I wish you happiness and success have. ♥♥♥