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Old Comments:

2012-02-01 06:54:27
Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who YOU are. I was taught: "If you can't say something kind about someone, then say nothing at all".
2012-01-30 00:03:28
Thankyou so much, I ♥ PG. That means alot. And many thanks for the very beautiful photos you have posted here. I appreciate your support.... :)
2012-01-29 15:46:42
To 'Stay away PG': Stay away from my uploads! I am posting them for PictureGirl in support of her and all the other posters who have been driven away from here by the likes of you! If you have a problem with Patito, air your grievances in a more appropriate place!
2012-01-29 15:39:55
PictureGirl, don't pay any attention to the users who dwell on the dark side of life. They spread their poison because they are unhappy and disturbed people, and no matter what anyone says, it makes no difference and changes nothing. The troublemakers make trouble because that's all they know. You have many friends here, PG, and we stand behind you 100% and always will.
2012-01-29 15:17:36
The previous comment was for 'Stay away PG'.....
2012-01-29 15:16:43
More like when YOU think clearly......
2012-01-29 07:36:19
And for the record, I don't need you to tell me to stay away. I have every right to comment here and post photos and to visit here. Nice of you to tell me to go to hell too. What a lovely person you are... NOT.... :(
2012-01-29 07:32:13
You don't know what you are talking about SAPG. I was wondering how long it would take before people like you would come out of the woodwork and comment. I have NEVER supported Patito. So is this what all the attacks were all about ? Boy, are you barking up the wrong tree !! You can't get rid of Patito, so people like you decide to pick on me so you can vent your anger. All I did here was post photos and try to treat people properly. And by saying that, I mean ALL people, not just Patito. Don't worry though, I will NEVER come back to Pixdaus ever again, not while it is such a hostile environment as it is now. Who needs it ?!!!
2012-01-29 06:40:27
Yes PG, the number one person who likes to spoil it for others and delights in being mean is patito. The very same patito that you have supported all along. Welcome back to Pixdaus if, and when, you learn to think clearly.
2012-01-29 06:36:21
Allez a l'enfer!
2012-01-29 04:52:20
Pixdaus was fun to visit before. It was the highlight of my day to come here and to speak to people from all over the globe and to see the wonderful photos that people uploaded here. Now, that is all gone. Now, all we have here are people who like to spoil it for others and find delight in being mean. Why ? I find that very sad and such a shame. Hope you are well, Jacksparrow. Have a great Sunday and take care... :)
2012-01-29 03:55:00
Yes, I understand. The moral factor here is at an all time low. The anti-socials have apparently won their war with the those that were sociable and the accepted norm now is to comment with an unregistered nic. Oh well, it is what is. I'll say no more.
2012-01-29 01:40:30
I haven't posted photos or commented because of the attack on me in the last part of the year, (2011). It is not very nice to have to put up with people saying such awful things. If I have unsettled some people here on Pixdaus, it was not my intention and I apologize if feelings were hurt. My feelings were also hurt and have made me once bitten, twice shy. Even though I have made a couple of comments lately, it will not be a regular thing. I know that will make some people here relieved. Oh well, C'est la Vie.....
2012-01-28 18:37:45
Something tells me Picture Girl may have got her feelings hurt. She sure put her heart and soul into this site. Her efforts may have been a bit too much though and annoyed some of the other users. Or she could be just taking a break, I don't know. I took a few good long breaks, not because I was mad or hurt. Just wanted to do something different.