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Old Comments:

2011-11-14 19:02:33
Yes, Dear..of course, dear.....whatever you say, dear...:)
2011-11-14 14:43:02
It is obvious I ♥ PG, that you are patito. But what I cannot understand is why you drove Connie away from this site with all of your very disgusting comments regarding her and you are now so adamant in your supposed defense of PictureGirl. Of course I expect you to come back with an almost immediate response in an attempt to convince everyone/someone that you are not I ♥ PG. But you know what? Nobody is going to believe you. Your second action will be to downvote this comment to -10 or lower, in an attempt to convince others that there are many users in disagreement with my comments. But you know what. Almost everybody will fully realize that those downvotes are patito cheater downvotes. Your third action, will be to use a brand new troll name (of which you have an endless supply) and call me a bunch of crude names with your very recognizable patito style.