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Old Comments:

2011-11-20 15:05:09
sms, you really have a way with words. Thankyou for being so kind to me. Please take care... :)
2011-11-20 13:54:20
██████████ Dear Friend PictureGirl ███████████ There are moments in life when you miss someone So much that you just want to pick them from Your dreams and hug them for real █████████ I'm waiting for Your Photos ██████████
2011-11-20 06:23:47
Guess that's it..It would explain why she's so cranky, irritable and quarrelsome.
2011-11-20 06:21:53
Not only that but she's probably worn down the batteries in her vibrator and she's too sloshed to go out and buy more.
2011-11-20 06:09:26
Connie, your comments are almost too confused, be-fuddled and convoluted to believe. Can you not even read the English languge ? Or write it coherently? Are you drunk again ?
2011-11-20 06:04:30
Oh, shut up, Connie.
2011-11-20 06:01:19
I was making fun of some folks by taking the comment 'if you don't have ball, you're not a woman' literally. Women have more balls than most men. We just don't use our brains and courage in a destructive violent way as men do - we are better at negotiating and facilitating.
2011-11-20 05:56:47
Nope, my beginnings started in a petrie dish in a secret lab in Section 52
2011-11-20 04:48:59
Who gave birth to you, Joanie ? A woman....
2011-11-20 04:45:34
Including your mother ?
2011-11-20 04:43:41
Yeah, and all women should be burned at the stake for they are all witches.
2011-11-20 00:31:09
Agreed. Anyone who would attack Picture Girl is a coward. Cowards have no balls. Pathetic attacked Picture Girl. Ergo, Pathetic has no balls and is therefore a female.
2011-11-20 00:28:08
Since 'Pathetic' has no balls it's logical to conclude that she is female.
2011-11-20 00:11:28
Painful Truth is the one that is pathetic. He or she made an uninformed fact that 'pathetic' is a female. Too many wild accusations are going around here. And where are all the other comments - removed by the Gestapos again?
2011-11-19 21:06:05
We will defer to your vastly superior knowledge of all things related to the penises of others, Mister Pan. Your expertise, born of many years of 'hands on' experience, is certainly unsurpassed.
2011-11-19 14:34:03
You are very welcome, I ♥ PG, Thankyou for the very pretty pics that you post. As for posting again, I don't think I will be doing that anytime soon... :(
2011-11-19 12:59:26
Thank you very much for your kind words, PictureGirl. I am now going to look for more pictures for you, and I will keep on posting them until you return to posting pics again. :)
2011-11-18 18:29:25
You are mistaken, Petey. Pathetic's primary color is brown, the color of turds.
2011-11-18 18:25:22
My comment is intended for the individual who posts as 'pathetic,' and who could not have chosen a better name for herself.
2011-11-18 17:58:54
The only reason your comment disappeared was because you're a troublemaker of the worst order. You think you know everything but you know nothing, yet you go around like a broken record, giving us your ridiculous theories as to who is who behind each comment or pic. Laughably, you've been wrong every time. In addition, your primary color is green, the color of envy. So, try my truth and see how it hurts, because I have knowledge on my side and you don't.
2011-11-18 17:56:18
You would not the truth if it knocked you down and sat on you. You are a despicable worm without class, courage or honor.
2011-11-18 17:34:34
the only reason my comment would be deleted is cause theres some truth to it - thruth hurts, i know
2011-11-17 16:26:48
Thankyou so much, I ♥ PG. The photos you post are so beautiful and I appreciate them very much. Hope you have a great day.... :)