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Old Comments:

2011-11-20 20:21:34
Your thoughtful, well-reasoned comments, as well as your cultured prose style, combine to impress everyone here with your intellect and credibility. Except for one little detail : Ambrose Blackmon isn't Patito. Have a nice day, sweetheart :)
2011-11-20 19:57:14
2011-11-20 19:56:04
2011-11-20 15:55:09
You have an incredible knack of twisting things around, Feline Poster. You forget that it was you who accused malikimran of duplicating your upload, after which PAY ATTENTION pointed out to you that it was you who had duplicated malikimran's upload the same day he/she uploaded it yet you wrote: "I had no way of knowing that." If you had looked at that day's newly posted, you would have seen it. And what have 'minutes' to do with it? The numbers in the URL signify the number of pics posted at Pixdaus, and of course that number goes up by one every time a new pic is posted. It does not matter that you reposted someone else's pic, what matters is that you first accused another poster of duplicating 'your' pic when in fact you were the duplicator, yet you now make yourself into a victim and claim people on this page tried to discredit you, people that "as far as you know" are all just one person hiding behind various nicks. You "know" no such thing. Instead, you deal in suppositions, and by not apologizing to malikimran for your baseless accusation you just show us what you're really made of: excuses and feeble explanations in an effort to wriggle out of an uncomfortable situation. By all that, you have negated the initially nice gesture of posting a pic for PictureGirl.
2011-11-20 04:35:06
More blubbering, pitiful pussys and wimps. Oh, how sad it is..Oh, what tragic circumstance you find yourselves in...Oh, how mistreated and mis-understood you all are. Bunch of whining punks.
2011-11-20 03:50:47
2011-11-20 03:04:11
No apology needed to be made to me, Feline Poster. Thankyou for that.... :)
2011-11-20 03:03:01
K9 Poster also told someone of posting her upload, yet she was the reposter; so some think you might be the same person. I highly doubt that you are. Malikimran (and his alter ego sms & mariosan) is seen as a victim. That's a joke since 'it' is a person who consistently reposts and upvotes his or her uploads numerous times, but, no one says anything. The honest and good posters get their uploads consistently voted down. petey is a pathetic troll who has such a low self-esteem he or she needs to put down others to feel better. Unfortunately, you are giving up like so many others - the ones who consistently posted nice pics. So, one more is lost to the gestapos (the ones who delete pics & comments) and the nasty trolls. You may want to re-consider - ignore the slime and keep posting.
2011-11-20 02:57:19
You're taking ALL this way too seriously. Nobody hates you, and nobody hates K9 Poster either. Some of us may think you're both jerks, but who cares and what hell ? Just hush up, quit blubbering and feeling sorry for yourself, and post some damn photos.
2011-11-20 02:28:52
I can see the problem here, everybody seems to think that I am K9 Poster, whom they all seem to hate, so they want to take it out on me. Well, I am not K9 Poster or anybody else, what I am is through with PIXDAUS! A year ago this was a considerably more friendly place and an enjoyable place to post. This all changed considerably and that is the reason that I have only posted once or twice in the last six months. As for PAY ATTENTION, just what gives you the authority to try to tell me what I have to do. You are a one time poster commenting here for the first time and if you have any authority, just how did you get it? As for malikimran, I don't attend to apologize at all. Why should I? Malikimran did post before me, by all of 45 minutes and I had no way of knowing that. However, that is not why my upload has been treated so badly and his/hers so well. PictureGirl had nothing to do with it either, she is, apparently gone from her, but is apparently one of the few well meaning people that have been here recently. I have done nothing to anger anybody here, I have only posted uploads once or twice and have made no comments, until now, in the last 10 months. As far as I know, Little Doubter, I also remember, I remember, Gunga Din, PAY ATTENTION and Petey are all the same person. That is at least six 'troll' names used by A SINGLE COMMENTER just on this page in an attempt to discredit me. That is certainly going to extremes, if you ask me. This commenter owes ME and apology and if, they are more than one, they ALL do. However, it makes no difference, I know when I am not wanted. As for PictureGirl, I am very sorry, my intent on posting this photo was to cheer you up and I never intended for all of this other crap. Sorry! As for you Petey, et al, I hope you are happy!
2011-11-19 21:23:18
K9, Feline, Happy Jack, Big Bird all the same pitiful specimen.
2011-11-19 21:11:59
I remember that. K9 Poster got angry at someone for posting her upload, but that person had posted before. K9 Poster + Feline Poster = same person?
2011-11-19 10:20:10
Didn't K9 Poster not make the exact same mistake as Feline Poster - even doing it twice?
2011-11-19 06:27:44
Thankyou Helen. I appreciate your encouragement...
2011-11-19 06:12:33
You have done nothing wrong here PG; the comments on this page have nothing to do with you. Advice is a nasty and weird troll using many names.
2011-11-19 04:25:52
I beg your pardon !! How am I making people fight with each other ? I'm not the one who is behind this. If anything, your comments would make people fight with each other, because you are continuing to fuel the fire with stupid comments. I have a right to be here, just as much as anyone else, you included. Why don't you think before you say silly things ? I am really getting sick and tired of people pointing the finger at me. I have NOT done anything wrong here.
2011-11-19 04:05:50
OMG, it is too late to save FP's reputation on the esteemed and highly professional picture site Pixdaus. That means there will be famine throughout the land; a severe drought on every continent. A meteor will soon crash on the earth's surface, with the likely site of London - bye bye British Isles - their food was bad anyways. There is rumbling being heard all along the Pacific Rim known as the Ring of Fire, and all around Japan. It is anticipated that the earthquake's reading will shoot right off the Richter Scale. The tsunami to follow will destroy thousands of lives. Please please FP, I beg you, I plead with you, apologize to the scumbag malikimran (known as Malik by his silly friend little petey).
2011-11-19 03:49:26
one comment under many picture you ass hole
2011-11-19 03:45:53
@ picturegirl - please do us all a favor and leave this place once and for all you´re making people fight with each other and that is not nice
2011-11-19 01:32:21
It may already be too late for that, GD.
2011-11-19 00:46:05
FP reposted a pic. Big deal? No, not a big deal. The big deal is that FB accuses another user of reposting her pic when it is she who is guilty of reposting. FP, if you're hoping to have any credibility here, come clean and apologize.
2011-11-18 23:21:55
I am getting annoying? It is not known to 'get annoying' just for having written one comment. Perhaps it is you should "shut the fuck up". It appears that language like that is part of your everyday vocabulary. Keep studying, perhaps one day you'll achieve fame for being the most annoying individual in the history of anonymous Internet sites. Good luck, Shut Up. You’re a class act.
2011-11-18 22:15:35
petey, you're getting annoying, so shut the fuck up
2011-11-18 18:12:27
Feline Poster: We're still waiting for the apology you owe to Malik whom you accused of duplicating your upload when it was you who duplicated Malik's upload. (....goes away, disheartened, knowing that such apology is never forthcoming....)
2011-11-18 09:41:40
To 'YOU pay attention' You're so unobservant that it's a joke. It is not apparent to anyone else but you that malik would be also sms, and he's certainly not mariosan. Of course you have missed the whole point: FP accused malik of reposting his/her pic when it was the other way around! I could also declare it as 'fact' that you are FP, typically avoiding the issue and not admitting you made a mistake.
2011-11-17 22:01:56
You must be kidding. Feline Poster should apologize to Malikimran (also known as sms and mariosan)? MSM has consistently posted other people's uploads, then self voted them. MSM is the scum of Pixdaus and should have it's ass kicked out.
2011-11-17 21:52:33
Anybody who's been here more than a day knows what the numbers in the URLs represent. Except one.
2011-11-17 11:02:43
To Feline Poster: I'm sorry, Feline Poster, but malikimran posted this picture first: As you see, the uploading number on malikimran's pic is 307195, whereas yours is 307234, which means that you posted your cat AFTER malik's. You owe malikimran an apology under where you accused him of duplicating your pic.
2011-11-17 04:24:24
I agree with what I love cats too said, Feline Poster. And that's an honour that you chose to start uploading photos because of me. I thankyou so much for doing that. Take care... :)
2011-11-16 23:39:54
Ignore the weird Pixdaus voting system; keep posting what you want. Too many people have been driven away from Pixdaus because of the unfair downvoting and nasty comments.
2011-11-16 23:25:48
My original upload, that was uploaded one day before malikimran's. Since the malikimran upload has received a +40 total and mine a -3 (inspite of being picked to 6 users favorites), the voters are not voting on photography but on other criteria. I dedicated my upload to PictureGirl whom I know also loves cats and whom is also experiencing problems here recently. It was PictureGirl, who has an entirely different approach to cats from me, that inspired me to start uploading photos here some 18 months ago.
2011-11-15 02:44:38
Many thanks for your kind thoughts, Feline Poster. Very nice photos too... :)