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Old Comments:

2011-02-25 01:19:32
Huh! You got me with this comment dingbat! Let me see how I'm gonna get myself out of this... hmm hmmm hmmm O yes! Well I did try to perform miracle at the stat of troubles but as I'm fresh miracle maker , for this one I needed a 245 attempts to get it right. :)
2011-02-24 23:19:13
thanks, st.peasant! i knew u could do it! why the delay? :D
2011-02-24 21:43:03
Yeah, you can call me St. Peasant... ;)
2011-02-24 20:16:41
Miracle! Miracle! Miracle! Miracle! Miracle!
2011-02-24 20:15:57
2011-02-24 20:15:29
yes, I can ?
2011-02-24 18:53:51
hehehe I can post comments again! yupi yeee :D tnx 4 the post taz. It's very relaxing. I could look at this for ages. :) BDW: did you try to post comments?