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Posted By:Enemies United

Old Comments:

2011-06-13 17:14:27
I posted 10 pics under the following nicks: down with downvoters (pic gone now with -15 votes; ) lazybones catmint & Dogberry bunnyhop so sorry take a tern dear me birdfeeder st. bernie pussywillow The pic “Hold on bro!” posted by igwt was also attacked by Patito gone - Problem solved (or Enemies United). Pixdaus is turning into a really nasty place where a few people bully and terrorize the rest of us. Most users cower and hide in order to protect their pics, so the bullies rule.
2011-06-13 16:40:41
The problem is not solved till people like you have been banned from Pixdaus. You dare call me a troll because I had written only one comment (now 2) when you have attacked my ten photos all of which I posted with different user names because I wanted to have some fun with them and the captions of the pics. Who the hell are you to start not only megadownvoting my pics but also accusing me of being Patito? My voting power is 1, so where did the fours come from? If Patito had done the voting, then his vote count would have gone up (WHICH IT DID NOT). So, take your accusations and foul language away from here! TRUE TROLLS are the ones who cause trouble, and I did nothing of the kind. I merely posted what I thought were 10 nice pics, but then you came along and destroyed them.
2011-06-13 14:31:24
One-Comment-Trolls (like you), up- and downvotes with 4 and you told us "he is not here!"... You don't fool ANYONE, Patito! Go fuck yourself, piss off and leave this wonderful site alone, you useless old moron!
2011-06-13 14:15:21
Your obsession with Patito knows no bounds. HE IS NOT HERE! You are a mega cheater who's voting other posters' pics into oblivion! YOU are the biggest problem in Pixdaus!